alyce alexandra 

alyce alexandra is a self-taught cook who has become one of Australia’s leading independent Thermomix cookbook authors. Her books include the much loved ‘Quick Fix in the Thermomix’ and ‘Miniseries: Low Carb’, the first in her series of smaller, specialised cookbooks.

Growing up in a Thermomix household, Alyce learnt to cook by the ‘time/temperature/speed’ principle rather than via conventional technique. Hollandaise sauce could be easily whipped up at breakfast, frozen fruit turned into ice cream and bread kneaded at the push of a button. Alyce was captivated by the endless culinary possibilities the Thermomix made available to the at-home cook and set about writing her own recipes. Many years later these recipes were published in ‘Quick Fix in the Thermomix’, and she hasn't looked back since.

Despite completing a law degree, Alyce has followed her passion for food. She operates a successful business writing and self-publishing cookbooks and managing her online store. alyce alexandra cookbooks donates a proportion of book sales to charity and is proud to assist organisations including The Hunger Project Australia.

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Why I love working with food.

At first glance, cooking appears to be a one-dimensional act, intended solely to please the taste buds, but there is so much more to it than that. Food is a multifaceted area that encompasses so many aspects of life. It connects people and brings them together - food is always the centre of a celebration. To cook for someone is an expression of your love for them.

Food is also vital to human life, it is something we are never far from. Inspiring people to cook is synonymous with moving them away from processed, pre-packaged food and towards nourishing wholefoods – food as nature intended. This, I believe, is the cornerstone of health.

Every time you purchase food you are implicitly voting with your dollar. Everyone who eats is influencing how our food is produced and distributed. I want to raise people’s awareness of this issue, encouraging them to make informed decisions about the food they buy. Where possible, by produce from ethical producers who respect their suppliers, the environment, animal rights and your health.   Support ethical, sustainable farming by buying organic, locally harvested, seasonal produce. Say no to genetically modified crops.

Finally, I love cooking because of the enjoyment that it brings to both the maker and the eater. There is nothing that makes a person more proud than to say ‘I made that’, and nothing more satisfying than eating a great meal. From the shopping to the preparing and finally the eating, it can all be a pleasure. Get to know the people who grow your food (or grow your own!), make the preparation a whole family event and take pride in the meals you serve.

This whole process is made simple yet exciting with the Thermomix to partner you in the kitchen – I couldn’t be without mine. It generates so many possibilities for the at home cook, which is why I love creating new recipes to utilise this amazing machine to its fullest potential. If I can make it, you can make it. No complicated chef talk, just simple recipes you and your family will love.