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thermo cooker fresh favourites

This is our LATEST cookbook for thermo cookers and thermomix, and we couldn't be more thrilled with it!

Alyce Alexandra, Australia’s thermo-cooking queen, shares with you her fresh favourites – real-food recipes celebrating seasonal produce, made doable and delicious in any brand of thermo cooker.

These recipes are all about fresh, but also all about flavour! There are tasty pizzas, curries, cakes, soups, salads, breads, drinks and more, all with fresh twists and all sure to satisfy. And with freezer-friendly meals, fermenting and preserving recipes and ways to use up leftovers, you’ll be eating better, saving money, wasting less food and doing your bit for the environment with these quick and fuss-free recipes.

Let Alyce show you how to get the most out of your thermo cooker, using it to cook tasty and nutritious fresh food for you and your family.

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Everyday thermo cooking

This is our seventh cookbook for thermo cookers and thermomix, and we couldn't be more thrilled with it! With over 100 simple and satisfying real-life recipes from alyce's kitchen, there are delicious recipes to suit everyone, every day.  

If you have a thermo cooker you'll know that it makes cooking faster and easier. You can cook from scratch and cook more often - but you need the right recipes! In Everyday Thermo Cooking, Alyce Alexandra, bestselling author of seven thermo cooker books, shows you how to get the best out of your thermo cooker with recipes that reflect the rhythm of everyday life. The Monday to Friday rush is covered with pre-prepared breakfasts, tasty lunchbox options and quick meals. Then, when you've got a little more time on the weekends, there are slow cooks, baked goods and investment flavour makers to stock up on. There's also an entertaining menu, creative ways to use up leftovers and sweet treats for when a little indulgence is in order. With Alyce's collection of never-fail recipes it's easy to put nourishing and delicious food on your table every day of the week.

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Everyday thermo cooking - digital cookbook

15 easy and delicious vegan recipes cooked in your Thermomix or thermo cooker, all with stunning photography. Specially formatted fixed layout ebook designed specifically for iPad. Easy to navigate, following the look and feel of a printed cookbook.     

No matter what the occasion, craving, theme or eating preference, we’ve got the vegan thermo cooker recipe for you - whether you are vegan, vegetarian, looking to reduce the number of animal products in your diet or simply wanting to eat more veggies! We have included recipes and variations to cater to nut-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and soy-free diets, as well as including many signature ‘quick fix’ recipes – cooked and on the table in under 30 minutes, to make life just that little bit easier.  
There are hearty classics such as our Shepherd’s Pie and Creamy Carbonara, as well as new and creative gems such as our Black Bean Brownies and Cinnamon Donuts. Within the fifteen recipes there is a large variety of dishes, mimicking the realities of life and how we cook in our kitchens. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks are all covered.

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MODERN SLOW COOKER - digital cookbook

****10 delicious and nutritious slow cooker recipes (with Thermomix + slow cooker methods included).****

Slow cooker meals can be vibrant, fresh, punchy and full of flavor – all you need is the right recipes! Whether it be a simple weeknight meal ready when you get home or an elaborate weekend dinner party, you’ll find the perfect recipe for every occasion. No bland, mushy or watery dishes, just satisfying meals using real, wholesome ingredients.  
- 10 recipes each with stunning photography   
- Easy to follow formatting and layout
- Conventional recipes and Thermomix conversions
- Recipes classified gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan
- Many vegetarian and vegan recipes
- ‘Freezer Friendly’ symbol indicates recipes that are great cooked in advance and frozen

**For the Thermomix conversions, the Thermomix is used to prepare ingredients for slow cooker – a slow cooker is still required.**

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Quick Dinners

Quick Dinners, is an injection of inspiration into your nightly Thermomix routine. Simple recipes filled with vibrant and delicious flavours will have dinner on the table in no time, and the whole family coming back for seconds. There’s super quick fix dishes on the table in 15 minutes, one bowl wonders to make clean-up a breeze, dinners that double as leftovers for lunch, hearty and comforting meals for chilly evenings and fresh ideas for when you are wanting something on the lighter side. Included are also a few super simple dessert recipes for those nights when a little sweet treat is in order. With a focus on real-food ingredients, you can feel good knowing exactly what your family is eating.
We think this is our best and most accessible cookbook yet – because who couldn’t do with some quick fix meal inspiration? Whether there is one, two, or a tribe of you, meat lovers or vegetarian, there is something for everyone in this versatile book.

Because sometimes you just need a little simple.

An essential cookbook for anyone with a Thermomix

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Experience an alyce alexandra Thermomix cooking class in your home kitchen with Recipes from our Cooking School!  
In the pages of this book, you will find a handpicked selection of recipes from our Thermomix cooking classes, created to teach you how to get the most out of your machine with seriously scrumptious results.
Recipes from our Cooking School will take you on a journey behind the scenes of AAHQ, with 49 recipes, instructional photographs, and all the tips and tricks you need to get on top of your TM game. You will learn to navigate your way around multilayered meals in the Varoma, conquer the art of homemade bread baking, and discover how to produce a huge variety of delicious, impressive and foolproof meals, made quintessentially quick-fix in your Thermomix. Whether it’s healthy desserts or authentic Indian you’re after, there’s something for every kind of cook in our classes. And now, finally, geography won’t stop you from experiencing them.
Recipes from our Cooking School — Volume One will cover a selection of recipes from our first 2 years of cooking classes, including: Bread, Champagne Breakfast, Desserts, Healthy Snacks & Desserts, Paleo, Varoma, Christmas, Yum Cha and Indian
Each recipe selection will help you to learn and conquer a huge range of advanced skills in your Thermomix and out, such as steaming, kneading, multilayer cooking, egg white whipping, pastry making, proving, dough shaping and more. By the end of this book you will be baking the best bread in town with your eyes closed, and whipping up custard tarts from scratch in no time!
All alyce alexandra cookbooks contain full-colour photographs, designed to inspire and excite you, along with nutritional guides and easy-to-follow formatting and symbols for your quick-fix culinary pleasure.

Happy learning!
P.S. If this book has inspired you to make a visit to AAHQ, check out our cooking class schedule here.

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mini series: super healthy

alyce alexandra’s fourth title, Super Healthy, is here to help you healthify your life! 
Find out just how easy, delicious and fun healthy eating can be with 56 recipes, tried, tested and tasted in the alyce alexandra kitchen, and perfected for your eating pleasure. These are recipes that won’t only taste great, but they’ll also keep you looking and feeling great long after the last bite. 
With an emphasis on increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption — unanimously considered the cornerstone to good health — Super Healthy will show you exciting and diverse ways to work with all sorts of superfoods, straight from Mother Nature. Whether it’s whipping up a creamy banana thickshake, a rich beef osso bucco, or some moreish cinnamon muffins, Super Healthy has it all – healthified! Other delicious recipes include gluten free toasted muesli, brown rice risotto, fish burritos, morrocan beef salad, green lemonade and raw chocolate.  
With this title, you’ll learn how to naturally eliminate the bad stuff from your diet by simply learning how fantastic all the good stuff can be. You’ll see that with simple cheeky swaps, your risotto can transform from heavy to healthy, and your chocolate mouse will improve from rich and delicious to rich, delicious and nutritious! Our easy-to-follow recipes and formatting will make almost everything a quick-fix, while our nutritional guide and ingredient coding system will help you cater for a huge variety of dietary preferences, whether it’s gluten free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian. Plus, there’s plenty of chefs' tips and suggested variations so that you can be inspired to experiment along the way.  
With over 150 pages, you’ll also find a comprehensive run down on how to start healthifying your life before you even get into the kitchen with our guide to getting healthy. Our list of recommended superfoods will help you get to know the things you really want to be adding to your diet and why. 
Super Healthy is going to get you on the track to lifelong health the alyce alexandra way – with delicious, nourishing, comforting homemade food, made quickly and easily from scratch. Once you get Super Healthy, you’ll never want to go back!  
We are also thrilled to announce that Miniseries: Super Healthy is being printed here in Melbourne, as we like to keep things local, ethical and sustainable. The paper used is Australian made, recycled, responsibly sourced and totally acid and chlorine free, so you can feel good about your new purchase.
alyce alexandra cookbooks are independent cookbooks, with no association or approval with Vorwerk or the Thermomix brand.

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Quick Fix: Every Occasion, the sequel to the bestseller Quick Fix in the Thermomix, makes cooking delicious meals for every occasion a ‘piece of cake’. Each recipe on its own can be a humble meal, sweet treat or snack. Yet teamed with complimentary recipes you have a delightful culinary experience – the whole is most certainly greater than the sum of its parts! Accessible to all, these recipes have been carefully crafted for impressive entertaining without the complexity.
This practical cookbook contains easy to follow formatting and symbols for simplicity in the kitchen. A beautiful colour photograph is found with each recipe to guide and inspire you, as well as useful tips on ingredients, preparation, storage, health benefits and wine pairings. This book will become your first port of call for every occasion.
The Quick Fix philosophy is to make delicious, wholesome meals impressive yet simple, enabling you to share good food with the people you love.
alyce alexandra cookbooks are independent cookbooks, with no association or approval with Vorwerk or the Thermomix brand.

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The first in alyce alexandra’s series of smaller, specialised cookbooks, miniseries: low carb makes healthy eating easier than ever with the help of your Thermomix. 
miniseries: low carb will help you get your health back on track, while encouraging you to keep it there. This book will inspire you to cook mouth-watering meals that everyone will love, while offering variations to suit a range of dietary sensitivities and preferences. These recipes are not only for those looking to lower the carb content of their meals, it is also ideal for people with gluten intolerances, diabetes, or those who are trying to quit sugar, with almost every recipe being entirely gluten-free with no refined sugar content. Each recipe provides full nutritional information to help you make the best cooking decisions for your health and tastes, as well as full-page colour photographs to make cooking, plating and serving a delight. 
Grab a copy of miniseries: low carb, 2nd edition, for all the same enticing recipes, content and advice, but with stunning new photography, art direction and graphic design. This fashion-forward edition will motivate you to make sophisticated and impressive low-carb meals every day of the week.  
With a diverse selection of dishes easily recreated in your home kitchen, miniseries: low carb makes cutting carbs a culinary delight. 
This book has been printed here in Melbourne, as we like to keep things local, ethical and sustainable. The paper used is Australian made, recycled, responsibly sourced and totally acid and chlorine free, so you can feel good about your purchase.
alyce alexandra cookbooks are independent cookbooks, with no association or approval with Vorwerk or the Thermomix brand.

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Quick Fix in the Thermomix is a celebration of delicious, wholesome meals prepared quickly and easily in your kitchen.
Our food philosophy centres around using fresh ingredients to produce nourishing meals everyone will enjoy - whether it be a quick mid-week meal for the family or an elaborate dinner party for friends.
This practical cookbook contains easy to follow formatting and symbols for simplicity in the kitchen. Informative tips on cooking, recipe variations and health can be found throughout.
Many of these recipes can be finished in less than thirty minutes, qualifying as a ‘quick fix.’ We have also included some recipes that require a little more time, because we believe they are worth it!
Each recipe is accompanied by a colour photograph intended to guide and inspire the reader. As no enhancements of any kind have been used in our photographs, all dishes are exactly re-creatable. No disappointments.
Now everyone can cook gourmet food at home, quickly and easily.
alyce alexandra cookbooks are independent cookbooks, with no association or approval with Vorwerk or the Thermomix brand.