At alyce alexandra, cooking is our passion. But that doesn’t mean that it’s our only one. We’re also committed to supporting our environment, keeping our community thriving and healthy, and instigating social change. And we know that every single decision we make while running our business has social, environmental and community consequences. That’s why we make sure to balance genuine, educated consideration to each of these factors alongside our commercial goals. Read on below to find out how we try to give back as much as we take in. 

Environmental Conscience

No one would deny how much the alyce alexandra team love making cookbooks. But the whole process — from printing to recipe testing — can have a harmful effect on the environment. We try to mitigate these negative effects by:

  • Recycling, upcycling, and using recycled materials (including recycling our damaged books)
  • Printing our books through presses that follow the highest standards of environmental regulations  (as well as general health and safety regulations) 
  • Using environmentally friendly and sustainable products around the office (down to our biodegradable bubble wrap and recycled wrapping paper)
  • Using recycled, responsibly sourced and totally acid and chlorine free paper in our books whenever possible 
  •  Avoiding harsh chemicals in cleaning
  • Avoiding wastage (of food, paper and water, in particular)
  • Sourcing  organic ingredients when possible (to avoid the pesticides used in non-organic farming), and
  • ·Sourcing  ethical-meat products when possible, mitigating their environmental impact and also ensuring that the animals have been treated humanely and are hormone and antibiotic free
  • Manufacturing our print products locally whenever possible (as local as 5 minutes down the road!), mitigating the negative environmental impact of long-distance transportation 

We thoroughly believe that creating a sustainable future is a collective responsibility, and that every little bit helps. That’s why we are constantly trying to improve our practices to be more environmentally friendly, and urge our customers to consider their own carbon footprint. This was part of our motivation to create our own environmentally-friendly products, such as our tea towels that are made from sustainable bamboo, and our baking mats and dariole moulds, which aim to reduce the wastage associated with disposable baking products.  We also strive to educate our readers on more environmentally conscious activities by offering tips in our books, on social media, and on our website.

For more information on our policies and how alyce alexandra is working towards a more sustainable future, email us on 

Community Conscience

alyce alexandra wouldn’t exist without the support of our local community. We try to give back whenever possible, and commit to community improvement by:

  • Sourcing our produce locally, in order to support local business (which also avoids the negative environmental impact of importation and transportation)
  • Supporting and donating to local fundraising events
  • Encouraging healthy habits and attitudes form all our staff, collaborators and customers, to improve the quality of life of members of our community 
  • Facilitating awareness of issues that affect our community, through our newsletters and social media outlets
  • Manufacturing our books locally whenever possible to support the Australian printing industry

We are always looking for new ways to give back to the community. If you are a like-minded business or individual and would like to collaborate, or if you would like more information on our community involvement, please contact us on