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want 10 FREE recipe cards?

So often, you buy things online and when they arrive it's SO disappointing... nothing like the picture or the description and certainly not what you wanted to pay for. We've all been there! I recently brought a top online for a special event, and when it arrived I honestly wouldn't have been caught dead in it. It hugged me in all the wrong places and the fabric was thin the flimsy (bordering on see-through!). Needless to say, it sits in my wardrobe and haunts me. So, I get the fear of online shopping! They're your hard-earned dollars, and you don't want to waste them on a misleading product. But what I am SO certain of, is that you will love my cookbooks, and that they will add real VALUE to your life. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I've never had a customer return one of my books because they didn't like it. I have over 100 independent reviews on my facebook page, averaging 5/5 stars, and over 400 reviews on my website. I put my absolute all into each book - the photos are beautiful, the recipes are totally doable and delicious, the layout is easy to follow and the recipes will get you using and loving your Thermomix or thermo cooker!

To prove to you that my products will leave a big smile on your face and no buyers remorse, I want to give you a set of my recipe cards, totally FREE. No strings attached (other than you'll pay the shipping cost). These cards cannot be purchased, they're exclusively to give you a taste of what I'm all about and what to expect inside the pages of my cookbooks. 10 recipe cards (a selection from each of my cookbooks) which cover quick dinners, bread, baking, sweet treats, healthy snacks, flavourful sauces, using the steaming attachment and more! All made quickly and easily in your thermo cooker. Regardless of dietary preferences, we've got you covered. These cards are printed A5, in full colour, and will become a go-to resource in your kitchen. My hope is that you love them so much, you'll want more of my recipes!

We're not sure how long we'll be doing this offer for, so if you want a set of my recipe cards totally FREE, then grab yours now! There's absolutely nothing to lose.