3L Kombucha Crock for Continuous Brew

3L Kombucha Crock for Continuous Brew

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why we ♥ it:

Alyce's crock of choice for smaller batches of continuous brew kombucha! You can brew up to 3L of delicious healthy kombucha at a time, and have it literally 'on tap'. The wide mouth makes this crock the ideal choice, meaning easy cleaning and easy access to the SCOBY. The glass exterior makes it simple to track the progress of your kombucha.

Also included are two cute handled jars to enjoy your kombucha out of, as well as muslin squares and twine to securely cover the top of your crock. We think this pack is great value!  

• 3 Litre Kilner® Drinks Dispenser with Beachwood Lid 
• 2 x 0.4 Litre Handled jars 
• 2 Metres of twine 
• 3 x 21cm Muslin Squares

Width: 142 mm Height: 281 mm Length: 219 mm

I’ve also got my complete online course, which is absolutely the best way to get you feeling confident with your kombucha!

Want to learn more about kombucha? I’ve got heaps of free resources here!

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