'Bread Time' 2017 Thermomix Calendar + eBook

'Bread Time' 2017 Thermomix Calendar + eBook

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Thermomix Baking Blogger Sophia Handschuh has created a beautiful 2017 Bread Calender! You'll not only have 12 months of baking information and inspiration, but a whole lifetime - each calendar comes with a FREE eBook that you can easily make any of the recipes from your iPad or computer and also a FREE A5 printed booklet with all the recipes so that you can keep them forever.

Limited stock - once sold out that's it! 

Sophia says... 

It is bread time. According to the German tradition, bread time is one of the most important meals of the day and this super beautiful Thermomix calendar is designed to give you 12 months of all the bread knowledge you need to become a Thermomix artisan baker. The calendar teaches you everything you need to know about making bread. From the classic round loaf to a sophisticated ciabatta dough, after making these breads you will be a baking pro and everyone will come to you for fresh bread. This calendar makes an awesome Christmas present. Bread Time 2017 Thermomix Calendar is designed as a calendar to teach you all about the different types of bread. Packed with over 12 recipes, tips, tricks, step by step shots and more, this calendar is much more than just a wall calendar. 

A3 calendar + A5 booklet + ebook emailed upon purchase.

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