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It’s obvious that the kitchen is our favourite space, and if you’re an avid cook, it will be yours too. We spend so much time making our kitchen a beautiful place — from the décor to the crockery  to the food we prepare — so why should we expect any less from our cleaning accessories? These days, mechanical dishwashers can do a lot of the dirty work in the kitchen, but bulky or delicate items — like pots, fine crockery or the sensitive Thermomix blades — require a little extra care. This necessary hand washing requires a good pair of dishwashing gloves.

Thankfully, Gloveable dishwashing gloves bring fashion and functionality to the kitchen sink. Available in a variety of colours and prints, each pair of gorgeous gloves features a thick ruffled collar, which not only looks adorable and unique, but also provides extra protection and insulation from splashes when washing up. There’s no need to roll up your sleeves with these gloves on — just tuck them in!

Gloveables are made from natural rubber latex, which is completely water resistant and incredibly durable. Not only will they last so much longer than your average supermarket gloves, they’ll also help you to withstand higher temperatures of water, and therefore get a superior clean for your dishes. Importantly, these gloves will protect your hands from the drying properties of water and kitchen cleaning products (and keep your nails looking good, of course). And because they’re so durable, you’ll save money and the environment by not constantly replacing your regular dishwashing gloves when they wear and tear.

It’s glove at first sight!

These gloves are also excellent for gardening and general household cleaning.

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