Klean Kanteen Loop Cap

Klean Kanteen Loop Cap

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Let us introduce you to one of the pioneers of healthy, safe drinking bottles — Klean Kanteen — who have been committed to keeping their customers hydrated the healthy way since 2002. 

Klean Kanteen drink bottles are made from an extremely durable food-safe stainless steel, and they were designed as an alternative to the mass of plastic leeching drink bottles that were saturating the drink bottle market at the time. Every Klean Kanteen bottle is completely free from BPA, phthalates, lead, and other leeching toxins that often come from plastics or cheaper materials. Each bottle is made from an extremely durable stainless steel, which won’t retain or impart any flavours onto your liquids, no matter how many times you use them — good news, because these bottles will last forever if you treat them right.

The silicone loop cap can be used with any of Klean Kanteen’s classic range drink bottles, and make great replacements for the sports cap on the 800ml classic or the sippy cap on the 355ml classic for when bottling thicker liquids like smoothies or juices. The loop makes it easy to attach your bottle to back packs, lunch bags, or messenger bags for easy access whenever you need a hydration hit!

We love Klean Kanteen because they make great quality products that keep us hydrated — healthily — and that will last a lifetime and eliminate a whole lot of plastic bottle wastage in the process. Plus, they pledge at least 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of our natural environment. 

Happy hydrating!

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