Kombucha SCOBY complete starter kit

Kombucha SCOBY complete starter kit


NOTE: All our orders are shipped on or next day delivery, with the possible exception of SCOBYS. Depending on weather conditions, public holidays and weekends we may choose to wait a couple of days to ensure your SCOBY reaches you happy and healthy!

Please do not order your kombucha kit until you are ready to start brewing - the SCOBY and starter liquid will need to be used within a couple of days of arrival to you!

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KIT INCLUDES ‘Kombucha for Beginners’ book valued at $19.95.

why we ♥ it:

Everyone is going crazy for our kombucha! All you need is this kit plus a glass jar to get brewing your own fresh, nutritious and delicious kombucha at home, filled with beneficial bacteria for gut health. In our opinion, kombucha is the easiest and cheapest way to make your own probiotics at home, costing less than $1 per litre and requiring only a few minutes of your time weekly. And it actually tastes really delicious!

bragging rights:
• Included in this kit is enough ingredients to brew your first 2L of kombucha, and after that you'll have ample SCOBYs and starter liquid to brew as much kombucha as you like, for a lifetime! You’ll never need to purchase anything other than tea and sugar ever again.
• Kombucha has been consumed for thousands of years for its medicinal properties, but it has received a lot of attention in the last few years for the role it plays in digestion and gut health, which are considered integral to overall health and wellbeing. This is because the gut determines which nutrients are absorbed by the body and which toxins, allergens and microbes are kept out. Plus, your entire immune system is protected by the gut, and you have more neurotransmitters in the gut than in your brain. So naturally, this is a very important area of our bodies that we want to keep as healthy as possible. Kombucha is a probiotic that will provide your gut with the live bacteria and yeasts that are needed to keep your gut balanced and healthy.

• 1 x live kombucha SCOBY (10-14cm diameter)
• 200ml kombucha starter liquid
• 4 x organic tea bags
• 3/4 cup organic sugar
• 1 x alyce alexandra organic bamboo tea towel (N.B. We are completely out of stock of bamboo tea towels (pictured) and instead we’re supplying cute handmade toppers - please use these to cover your kombucha rather than the tea towel)
•  ‘Kombucha for Beginners’ ebook containing complete brewing instructions plus cautions and successful brewing tips
• + phone and email support from our dedicated team of kombucha brewers

check it out:
• Want to learn more about kombucha? We’ve got heaps of free resources here!
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• Want to make your kombucha fizzy? You will need our brewing bottles.
• Want to do continuous brew kombucha? You will need a kombucha crock.
• I’ve also got my complete online course, which is absolutely the best way to get you feeling confident with your kombucha!

care information:
• See instruction booklet included for everything you need to know to keep your SCOBY happy and healthy

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