Quick Fix in the Thermomix

Quick Fix in the Thermomix

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why we ♥ it:
The book that launched it all! 103 delicious recipes specifically developed for the Thermomix, each with a full-colour photo to guide and inspire. This book is a celebration of delicious, wholesome meals prepared quickly and easily in your kitchen using fresh ingredients. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and everything in between is covered in this comprehensive book, suitable for mid-week meals and entertaining. 

bragging rights:
• Easy to follow formatting and symbols for simplicity in the kitchen
• Informative tips on cooking, recipe variations and health can be found throughout 
• Variations included to suit different dietary requirements 
• Quick and easy – many recipes can be finished in less than thirty minutes, qualifying as a ‘quick fix.’ We have also included some recipes that require a little more time, because we believe they are worth it!
• Real food that you can create at home - no enhancements of any kind have been used in our photographs, all dishes are exactly re-creatable. No disappointments

highlight recipes: 
• Bagels (steamed in the Varoma!) 
• Yoghurt (made WITHOUT milk powder) 
• Lemon and poppyseed cheesecakes (steamed in the Varoma)
• Polenta chips (made from scratch with real cornmeal) 
• Onion jam (you’ll already have the six ingredients)
• Prawn and lemon risotto (entertaining or midweek meal) 

• Hardcover 
• 240 full-colour pages 
• 103 recipes 

check it out: 
• Click here to see the contents page 
• Click here to see a sample of recipes from the book 
• Click here to see full recipe list with dietary codes  

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