'Radishing' Carry Bag

'Radishing' Carry Bag


why we ♥ it: 
This adorable jute bag puts a smile on our face every day, thanks to the cute slogan and the fact that we are reducing our waste and helping the environment! Because you’re raddishing, and your accessories should be too! (Get it?)

bragging rights: 
• Made from sturdy jute vegetable fibre that is laminated food-grade safe and waterproof, so it will last for ages and transport a truckload of veggies around town with you 
• Versatile - when it’s not being used for groceries, it’s durable enough to hold your cookbooks, work materials, even you’re laptop, with plenty of room to spare • Rope strap for comfort – long enough to throw it over your shoulder and short enough to carry by hand, for your ergonomic pleasure 
• Positive reinforcement is a must – we’ve engrained it into our accessories 
• Deceptively large – read the reviews below! 
• Save the environment - plastic bags are absolutely awful for our environment — they’re not biodegradeable, so they clog our waterways, threaten our wildlife, and end up in landfill where they can take over 1000 years to break down into small particles that then continue to pollute our soil and water. But thankfully, this problem is so easily alleviated by ditching the plastic for a reusable carry all like this one. So trade in your plastic bag collection for our raddishing bag, and you’ll be looking cute and saving the planet while you’re at it

care information: 
Wipe clean with a damp cloth

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