Thermo Spoon Spatula

Thermo Spoon Spatula


why we ♥ it: 
The best spatula for getting out every last morsel from your thermomix or thermo cooker bowl (read the reviews, don’t take our word for it!). This product is a must for every Thermomix owner – we promise you won’t look back!

bragging rights: 
• Flat bottom - ensures that nothing is left surrounding the blades 
• Spoon shape - ideal for removing liquids, sauces, ice creams etc 
• Food grade silicone – BPA free, no nasties leaching into your food 
• Naturally non-stick for life – no non-stick coating needed 
• Heat resistant to 260°C – also great on the stove and in the oven (you’ll want more than one) 
• Dishwasher safe – super easy to clean 
• Our most popular product since launching in 2012 

• Food grade silicone 
• 31cm total length

care information: 
• Dishwasher safe
• Please use clockwise / against the blunt side of the TM blades so avoid tiny cuts in your spatula

Please note our famous spatula underwent a little renovation and is back and better than ever! Now with a longer handle, it is even easier to scrape out every morsel from the TC bowl (video contains old-style spatula).

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