The “Super Mum” Thermomix pack

The “Super Mum” Thermomix pack

57.00 76.85

We really don’t know how she does it! Quick recipes and quick accessories enabling mum to keep doing her magic while still getting a yummy meal on the table. Usually $76.85, but for this week only we’ve reduced it to only $57, and we’ll gift wrap it for you! Save over 25%. Perfect for any-mum with a Thermomix.


  • ‘Quick Dinners in the Thermomix’ hardcover cookbook, because everyone needs a little inspiration for weeknight meals… and ours are quicker (and cheaper) than take-away!

  • One of our famous silicone spatulas, absolutely essential for removing every last morsel from the TM bowl (our #1 selling product!);

  • Denim tote bag (cute AND practical!)

  • Our TM blade cleaning brush, to make sure those blades are always sparkling clean, no food caught underneath. 

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