Classic Serrated Knife

Classic Serrated Knife


why we ♥ it: 
A good knife is to a chopping board as the TM blades are to the bowl. You’d never cut corners with your TM blades, and you definitely shouldn’t with your kitchen utensils. So if your kitchen isn’t on top of its knife game yet, grab one of these little beauties. You’ll never look back! Super sharp and lightweight in a convenient 12cm length – we highly recommend.   

bragging rights:
• Perfect for all quick jobs in the kitchen 
• The Victorinox classic serrated knife is the ideal small-scale knife for all sorts of kitchen chopping capers - it makes sharp work of soft fruits like tomatoes, peaches, figs and strawberries, perfectly slicing and dicing them without leaving any bruises of misshapen morsels 
• Its small size also means that it’s a terrific tool for food stylists, making easy work of fiddly, delicate jobs and keeping the food in picture-perfect condition

• High quality Victorinox brand 
• 12cm blade 

check it out: 
• Click here to read alyce’s guide to knives

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