The Alyce - the ultimate kit

The Alyce - the ultimate kit

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This pack comes beautifully gift wrapped so all you’ve got to is loving hand it over! We’re making life easy for you this festive season. Of course, we’re also all for you gifting it to yourself - you deserve it! Currently, boxes are wrapped with red ribbon (pictured), however if you’d prefer black (also pictured) please leave a comment in the notes at checkout :)

When we say 'the Complete Kit', we mean the (almost!) complete kit! Seven of our cookbooks and most our Thermomix accessories, bundled together at one hugely discounted price! SAVE OVER $150! This pack is something pretty special. 

  • Seven beautiful cookbooks with over 500 Thermomix recipes and photos;

  • Two of our famous silicone spatulas, absolutely essential for removing every last morsel from the TM bowl;

  • Two of our silicone bar moulds and one set of eight dariole moulds, perfect for plating, setting, shaping, steaming, freezing and baking individual serves;

  • A set of eight of our silicone dariole moulds that fit perfectly in the Varoma;

  • 1 standard and 1 extra-large baking mat, perfect for a 60cm oven, as well as chocolate and toffee work, proving dough etc;

  • Two of our adorable silicone ice cream moulds and sticks so you can make all your own summer sweet treats;

  • Our stylish grey linen apron so you look the part while cooking with all your new goodies;

  • Our cute denim tote bag to carry all your new goodies in (not pictured); and 

  • Our TM blade cleaning brush, to make sure those blades are always sparkling clean, no food caught underneath. 

This pack comes in either pink or white. This colour preference is for your dariole moulds and spatula only, other products come in standard colours. 

PACKAGING NOTE: We are committed to looking after the globe and the animals and humans that inhabit it. The average Australian sends 200kg of packaging waste to landfill every year – we want to change that, and are therefore phasing out all non-compostable packaging. This means that many of our products (including this one) will be sent to you ‘nude’, just as you see in the product images. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience – we are also partial to fancy packaging.

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