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I’m alyce and my motto is homemade is always healthiest. I truly believe that, regardless of skill level or time constraints, anyone with a thermo cooker can cook nourishing and delicious food they are proud to serve and share - as long as you have the right recipes and accessories! And that’s where I come in.

Spring Seasonal Cooking and Eating

Spring Seasonal Cooking and Eating

At alyce alexandra, we love seasonal eating for so many reasons. Eating fruit and vegetables that are in season means that they are as fresh, nutrient-dense and flavoursome as possible. When you buy ‘fresh’ produce that is out of season, it usually means that it was harvested months beforehand and frozen or transported long distances before it makes it’s way into your kitchen crisper. Now that doesn’t seem very fresh at all, does it? The process of getting unseasonal produce into the supermarket also incurs a lot of financial and environmental costs along the way, meaning that you end up paying twice as much for half the nutrition and half the flavour, and leaving a big old burning trail of a carbon footprint behind you.

Sometimes it’s simply neither practical nor possible to eat seasonally, but when you can, jump at the opportunity to make a beautifully fresh and flavoursome meal with delicious seasonal ingredients — your taste buds and your body will love you for it!

Spring is the peak time for planting, which means that it is the quietest time for harvesting. But don’t worry, there are still some gems that are in their prime at the moment, like grapefruit, lemons, navel oranges, artichokes, asparagus, beetroot, fennel, leek and peas – just to name a few. Our whole spring section in Quick Fix: Every Occasion is a great guide to spring eating, but try the recipes below in particular for our current favourites:

Endive Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing, page 141 in QF:EO
Cured Salmon and Citrus Salad, page 87 in QF:EO
Creamy Chicken Linguini, page 95 in QF:EO
Pumpkin and Asparagus Frittatapage 59 in MS:LC
Prawn and Lemon Risotto, page 130 in QFITT
Fennel and Apple Saladpage 142 in QFITT
Lemon Curd, page 184 in QFITT (serve this on top of our Lemon and Poppy Seed Cheesecake on page 182 of QFITT, and click here for our video tutorial!)

So get to it! And share photos of your spring successes with us at

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Our Cheese Making Classes

Our Cheese Making Classes

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Thermomix Paleo Chocolate Ice Cream