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I’m alyce and my motto is homemade is always healthiest. I truly believe that, regardless of skill level or time constraints, anyone with a thermo cooker can cook nourishing and delicious food they are proud to serve and share - as long as you have the right recipes and accessories! And that’s where I come in.

Your go-to guide for flawless Thermomix bread baking

Your go-to guide for flawless Thermomix bread baking

The AA Team have everything you knead to know about Thermomix bread baking in our hot little hands. Keep reading to learn about the tips, tricks and tools you need to become the best baker in town!

You ask, and we deliver. Here for your bread baking pleasure are two foolproof Thermomix recipes to bake you perfect loaves of fresh, homemade bread.

These recipes create the most deliciously fluffy but dense bread, absolutely ideal for slicing for sandwiches at lunch and toast for breakfast. Each loaf will come up with a covetable crunchy crust, and because they are wetter doughs, they’ll stay fresher for longer.  

If you want a perfectly square loaf, go with our sandwich loaf recipe. The secret to this lovely loaf is to let the bread rise to 2cm from the top of the tin before putting the lid on; you don’t want to disturb the proving process by putting it on too late! And you definitely don’t want to jeopardise the shape by letting it rise too high. 

If you’re after a larger loaf to get you through the week, and don’t mind a free forming top, go for the jumbo loaf recipe — it’ll taste just as good with a traditional curved top and a few extra slices for second servings. We make these recipes with our Mackie’s tins — keep reading to learn why!

Both of our free bread recipes were designed for use in our Mackie’s loaf tins — so if you haven’t got yourself some yet, grab some here!

Mackie’s make professional baking tools for professional bakers, so while they may look a little rustic when they arrive at your doorstep, rest assured that they are going to get you professional-quality results, and will last you a lifetime.  

Although bread baking is a piece of cake in the TM (or a slice of bread, if you will), you still need some tips and tricks to get going on the right path. So head over to the alyce alexandra cooking school for the best tips in town! 

By the end of our original Bread class you will be able to make a variety of lovely loaves with your eyes closed, from our famous cheats sourdough to French baguettes and traditional bagels. 

And if you’ve already got the skills and got the tins, come along to AAHQ and make sure you can put them both to good use! Our advanced bread baking class will show you exactly how to use your Mackie’s tins for making the best-tasting and best-looking bread on your block. In our advanced class, we will show you how to use your tins to get creative with your loaves, as well as for making quicker, easier, crustier and even tastier breads. 

This is NOT a Thermomix cooking class, so bring along your non-Thermie bread baking friends! The doughs will be pre-prepared in the Thermomix before you arrive, so no TMing is involved, but each attendee will go home with three foolproof Thermomix bread recipes for a white loaf, a wholemeal loaf and a fruit loaf.

Click here to book into one of our bread baking classes.

Happy baking!

xo The AA Team

P.S. For more of our Thermomix bread recipes plus all our tips and tricks, check out our cookbook Recipes from our Cooking School!

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alyce alexandra's Recipes from our Cooking School - for the Thermomix

alyce alexandra's Recipes from our Cooking School - for the Thermomix

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