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I’m alyce and my motto is homemade is always healthiest. I truly believe that, regardless of skill level or time constraints, anyone with a thermo cooker can cook nourishing and delicious food they are proud to serve and share - as long as you have the right recipes and accessories! And that’s where I come in.

peanut butter fudge

peanut butter fudge

This creamy fudge is the perfect summer snack or dessert. Delicious and satisfying, quick and easy to make, and keeps well in the fridge for long periods of time – winner! Make a batch to have on hand for when guests are coming over or for when you feel like a satisfying sweet treat! Like most of my recipes in my eBook- Hearty Vegan Thermo Cooked, this recipe is dairy free, egg free, refined sugar free and gluten free but yet still very satisfying! And unlike most sugary sweets, you’ll be satisfied after just one square. Enjoy!

+ gluten free
+ vegetarian
+ vegan
+ dairy free 


60g desiccated unsweetened coconut
60g coconut oil
130g natural peanut butter
40g maple syrup
Pinch fine sea salt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Crushed peanuts (optional)
Coconut flakes (optional)

  1. Line a 25cm x 10cm tin with baking paper. Set aside.

  2. Place desiccated coconut into TC bowl and blend for 20 seconds, speed 9. Scrape down sides.

  3. Add coconut oil and melt for 3 minutes, 60C, speed 2.

  4. Add peanut butter, maple syrup, salt and vanilla extract. Mix for 1 minute, 50C, speed 2.

  5. Transfer mixture to lined loaf pan and spread into an even layer. Sprinkle crushed peanuts and coconut flakes on top if using - these will sink in but that’s okay. Refrigerate for a minimum 4 hours.

Slice into squares and enjoy. Serve straight from the fridge.

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Alyce interviewed on The Book Podcast

Alyce interviewed on The Book Podcast