Brewing Fizzy Kombucha

Brewing Fizzy Kombucha

While I love my kombucha (find out more here), I’m not the biggest fan of it plain. I drink a whole lot more when it is flavoured and bubbly, like healthy soda! But how do you make kombucha at home flavoured and bubbly like the store-brought varieties? Introducing the ‘Second Ferment’.

Flavoured Fizzy Kombucha (Second Ferment)

400ml plain kombucha (First Ferment)
60ml fruit juice (or equivalent in pieces of fruit)
1 x 500ml brewing bottle (super strong with an excellent seal

  1. Sterilise kombucha bottles using water and white vinegar. Fill 1/6 of the bottle with fruit juice or pieces of fresh fruit.
  2. Using a non-metal funnel, fill bottle with brewed kombucha, leaving the neck of the bottle empty. Close bottle to create an air-tight seal. Label bottle with the date and contents.
  3. Leave in a cool, dark place for 2 – 30 days, until desired level of sweetness and carbonation is achieved. Then refrigerate until ready to serve.
  4. Strain liquid through a non-metal sieve prior to serving to remove any solids (optional).

Note: This is a secondary ferment, meaning you need to have to have already brewed a standard batch of kombucha.

A good quality organic apple juice is my absolute favourite way to flavour kombucha (apple cider anyone?), but other great options are whole blueberries, raspberries, pear juice or even beetroot juice for the die-hards.

Using a good-quality bottle is essential, otherwise your precious carbonation will escape!

Enjoy! Once you master the second ferment you and the family will be drinking a lot more kombucha 

Want to learn more about brewing kombucha, continuous fermenting and second ferment fizzy kombucha? Check out our online kombucha class!