“My mission is to educate and inspire people to cook simply and from scratch, think deeply about their food choices and live a happy and sustainable life. To me, food is central to everything that’s important – how we eat and how we feed others is such a strong reflection on who we are, our values, and how we live.” ~ alyce xo


Alyce is an author, recipe developer, teacher, writer, gardener and Thermomix expert. While for several years she was swayed away from her first love of cooking by studying law and commerce at the University of Melbourne, once she completed her degrees the lure of the kitchen took over, and Alyce traded in her pantsuit for an apron. She wrote her first cookbook Quick Fix in the Thermomix at the ripe old age of 22, and she hasn’t looked back since. Alyce lives for fresh, wholesome, high-quality food that respects every step of the cooking process, from the producers to the cooking to the eating. That’s why she spends her weekends cooking food for loved ones, scouring farmer’s markets for artisan producers, working on her own edible garden, tending to her chicken coop (affectionately known as ‘chicken city’), composting and avoiding food wastage at all costs (don’t get her started on this topic unless you have a few hours spare). Alyce is committed to living more sustainably within the modern world, and sharing this journey along the way. In the off-chance that you find Alyce not growing food, cooking food, reading about food, or eating food, you’ll find her writing lists about the food that she needs to grow, cook, read about or eat. Otherwise, she’ll probably be furiously labelling things. Favourite recipe: Lazy Breakfast Loaf  


Loryn is the creator of everything aesthetic and beautiful here at alyce alexandra. A self-taught master of graphic design before finishing high school, Loryn was a multi-skilled professional by the time she designed and styled our very first cookbook. Now, Loryn expertly crafts every visual element of alyce alexandra, from the food styling and photography, to our website and newsletter, to our merchandising and, of course, our cookbooks. She’s also a self-confessed tech geek, dedicating an unreasonable amount of time to fixing our computer problems. When Loryn isn’t fighting for top-down photos, compulsively making lists and searching for new Shopify themes, she’s helpfully chatting to customers online. She is co-owner of our office mascots, Spencer and Chelsea, the French bulldogs. Favourite recipe: Chickpea curry from 'Everyday Thermo Cooking'


Ellen is the glue that sticks alyce alexandra together. She knows the business inside-out, managing relationships with customers, suppliers and everyone in-between. She is also our vegan and sourdough recipe developer, and is passionate about sustainability, our earth’s health and animal rights. Developing recipes that can be easily adapted to suit every occasion and every person’s tastes are her specialty, however she loves eating out just as much, exploring famous vegan restaurants as well as those hidden backstreet gems. When the office seems conspicuously quiet, it’s usually because Ellen is hiding in our storage space, obsessively reorganising the shelves. She is mummy number 2 to our mascots Spencer and Chelsea. Favourite recipe: Vegan Mac and Cheese  


Janene is our company ambassador, spreading the good word on the alyce alexandra philosophy as director of our cooking classes. Janene is more than qualified for the role — she studied naturopathy, so she knows everything there is to know about healthy food and nutrition, and she has worked in the Thermomix industry for over ten years, as both a cooking class instructor, consultant,  and as a branch manager. This combination makes Janene an invaluable asset to alyce alexandra, and one seriously inspiring cooking teacher. If we only had three words to describe Janene, it would probably have to be ‘Manic Bench Wiper’. Favourite Recipe: Cheat’s Sourdough from ‘Every Occasion’ 


Alex is the local money man at AAHQ, and he’s got the skills to pay those bills (literally)! Alex completed a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Statistics from The University of Melbourne before starting a small computer software business, which eventually became the largest supplier of school administration software in the country (not too shabby AB!). Among his rigorous academic and corporate pursuits, Alex has also managed to excel at his personal interests, circumnavigating nearly the whole of Australia on a push bike (and a couple of other countries), while amassing a seriously impressive collection of fine reds in his wine cellar. Alex makes a mean BBQ steak, but somehow can’t use a Thermomix to save himself (even though he has one). Although he should probably be skipping out of his office to attend an AA cooking class or two, we’re so lucky to have Alex working his magic making sure our operations run smoothly. Favourite Recipe: Brothy Dumplings


Sally is our wonderful kitchen assistant and shipping officer. She works tirelessly to shop and prepare all the delicious food that is served up to you during our cooking classes, and it’s thanks to her that Alyce and Janene can cook so many recipes made in such a short time! She also handles a lot of your orders, making sure they’re perfect for arrival at your door. Sally is a fantastic fit at alyce alexandra because her personal motto is ‘your health is your wealth’, and she’s passionate about nutrition, detoxification and food as medicine. She’s also a very busy mum of two, so knows the importance of quick, easy and nutritious meals. Favourite Recipe:  Paleo Bread from ‘Super Healthy’ 


Pauline is one of our brilliant kitchen helpers. While she is a relatively recent Thermomix convert, she is certainly making up for lost time as an enthusiastic Thermomix consultant and a real whiz in the alyce alexandra kitchen. As a lover of cooking and with two grown children, Pauline knows the way to the heart is through food.  She enjoys being able to try new recipes on her family to entice them back home whenever possible, especially delicious desserts packed full of nutritious ingredients. After a long career in the fast-paced world of project management, Pauline is relishing working to recipe timelines rather than KPIs and deadlines.  When Pauline is not in the kitchen, she is having fun with the penguins down at St Kilda as a volunteer penguin guide. Favourite recipe: Raspberry and Lime Cheesecake from ‘Every Occasion’

Spencer & Chelsea

Spencer and Chelsea are arguably the most popular (and noisiest) members of the team. While they don’t contribute a whole lot workwise, their little faces bring immeasurable joy to everyone they come across (even the mailman!). Spencer and Chelsea only work part time, but you’ll know they’re in the office if you can hear extremely loud snoring, or if you trip over a very chewed up water bottle. They are both health-conscious canines, snacking on apples and carrots and even devouring Alyce’s spare kombucha SCOBYs. You’ll generally find Spencer lounging around in a sunny spot on the floor or trying to score liver treats off Janene, while Chelsea will be patiently waiting by your feet for a cuddle. Favourite Recipe: Baked Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Oil