Simple Sourdough Complete Kit (Discounted)

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This AMAZING pack, including our brand-new cookbook Simple Sourdough, is available at a HUGE DISCOUNT off individual prices!

why we ♥ it:

Wow where to begin! This pack includes everything you need as a beginner to kick start your sourdough journey, or if you have already started this process, this pack will take your baking to the next level - not only helping to produce a tastier loaf but also decrease your workload while doing so!

As soon as you purchase we'll email you a digital copy of our Simple Sourdough cookbook so you can get shopping for ingredients and start thinking about your starter - that way, the second your parcel is delivered you can get cracking! So exciting. 


Our cookbook Simple Sourdough (in both physical and digital copy) has everything you could possible want, from the quickest and easiest sourdough starter recipe, to all the handy hints and tricks that you could need for the Simplest Sourdough baking ever! 

Pair that with the rest of this pack’s goodies and you are good to go...

Cheat Sheet Sourdough Magnet: We compiled the methods and instructions that you might need as daily refreshers and placed it on a handy kitchen magnet so its all right there and in front of you daily!

Organic Cotton Bread Bag: Keep your home baked beautiful bread fresher for longer by storing it in our beautiful cotton bread bag.

Silicone Sourdough Spatula: Not only the best spatula for mixing your dough due to the smooth silicone easy-to-clean surface, but also the purpose-designed shape means its the best utensil for flipping your hot, freshly baked loaf out of your Dutch Oven and onto a cooling rack.

Round Rattan Proving Basket: Our pick in size and shape for beginners! The size produces the most beautiful looking bread but also means no shaping required by you - the proving basket does all the work for you so you can produce a perfect artisan loaf EVERY time.

Extra-Large Silicone Baking Mat: The perfect mat to create a non-stick working surface on your bench top and in your oven as this can also be used at high temps! Originally designed to line your baking trays when cooking... but the uses don’t stop there, especially when we’re baking sourdough. You need to cover your dough when proving so it doesn't dry out, both in the mixing bowl and also in the proving basket, and these mats are perfect for doing just that trapping in the humidity way more effectively than a simple tea towel. Easily and effortlessly drape over your proving bowl to keep your dough protected and moist. Super easy to clean with a simple rinse, but can be run through the dishwasher if needed no problems.

These are the sourdough musts, all easily and convenient bundled together with a great discount!

book specifics:

• 100 page softcover cookbook with 11 comprehensive recipes, all with full-colour photographs.
• Soft cover.
• 100 pages.
• There is no need for a single appliance when making the recipes in this book or using this pack - no Thermomix, thermo cooker or slow cooker required! Just a
Dutch oven will be needed.

check it out:

Click here to read Alyce’s and Ellen’s introductions to the book
Click here for more Simple Sourdough content, including free recipes from the book

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