Thermo Deluxe Slide Board

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Suitable for use with Thermomix TM31, TM5 & TM6 machines, some brands of thermo cookers, slow cookers, coffee machines, food processors and other appliances. No need to tilt your machine with our slides! We proudly operate as an autonomous creator and retailer of independent cookbooks and accessories.

Not sure if you need our Thermo Deluxe Slide or Appliance Mat? Click here to find out the differences.

why we ♥ it:
Our deluxe slides lovingly house your Thermomix machine (TM31, TM5, TM6), thermo cooker or appliance, effortlessly sliding it to wherever it needs to go - no awkward or heavy tilting required! It also protects from spills, keep thermo scales working to precision and even keep cords tidy and hidden. Years of product development and a whole lot of love has gone into our slide, and we couldn’t be prouder! A high-quality machine, like the Thermomix, deserves only the best to rest on, and our superior slides are as functional as they are beautiful. You’re gonna be glad you’re on board (get it?) – the reviews below say it all! Launched in 2016 and loved by thousands of households Australia-wide ❤️️.

bragging rights:
• No awkward or heavy tilting required to move your machine with our Slide Boards (unlike the competition!). Just slide away with a simple push or pull - it’s that easy!
• Soft felt feet effortlessly slide your appliance wherever it needs to go – when it’s being used slide it to the front of the bench, and when it’s not slide it to the back for extra work space
• Raised platform protects the Thermomix motor from spills – preventing moisture from entering the appliance
• Neatly and tidily house the appliance power cord – storing the power cord under the board means it is out of sight but still allows for optimum function of the scales
• Strategically located cable notch – allows the appliance and slide to sit flush against a wall if desired
• Raised curved edges ensure perfect grip for sliding and lifting – both ergonomic and visually pleasing as the curves match that of the Thermomix machine itself
• High accessibility - the fact that our boards not need to be tilted (unlike others on the market) to slide is incredibly handy for everyone, but for those with mobility impairments, wrist problems or general weakness it’s not just handy - it’s essential. This is feedback we’ve often received from happy customers, and we’re proud that our product is improving the cooking experience of so many
• Sealed with a food-safe finish – to ensure your slide lives as long as your appliance and perfect for use in the kitchen
• Sustainable - FSC certified European Beech means this board is not only super stylish, but also sustainable – of prime importance to us
• Not just for the Thermomix machine - originally designed for use with TM31, TM5 and TM6 models, but our slides have been so popular customers are wanting them for a whole host of other appliances! Use the measurements below to check if your appliance will fit, and check out the product photos for some examples of other products that perfectly suit - the Kitchenaid mixers and food processors, the Magimix Cook Expert and Nespresso coffee machines to name a few.

• 350mm x 350mm x 28mm
• Slide weight: 1.6kg
• FSC certified European Beech - please note our slides are made from natural materials, meaning each slide differs slightly in appearance (especially in regard to wood grain and tone). Your particular slide may look different to the product images, however will be made from exactly the same materials
• German-made anti-scratch felt feet, to last a lifetime
• Includes gift box (please recycle!)
• No tilting required for use
• Suitable for TM31, TM5, TM6 and other brands of thermo cookers
• Note: We do not recommend this product for use with the March 2021 & 2022 Aldi Stirling Thermo Cooker (you could, but we think due to the design of the feet and lid lock mechanism it’s best sitting straight on the bench).

care information:
• To clean, wipe down with a gentle cleaner and soft sponge only. No dishwashers! Never submerge your slide in water.
• Once a year give the slide a polish with some cooking oil (olive oil is fine!) just as you would a chopping board to keep the glossy sheen.

Don’t forget to always use your appliance in accordance with the safety manual. Never leave your Thermomix machine or thermo cooker unattended when kneading or chopping, regardless of whether it is on a slide or not. Your machine may move on your slide when kneading and chopping, but only the same amount it usually moves on the benchtop when performing these tasks.

❣️ No-questions-asked returns and refunds available on ALL physical products from! Product not what you thought it would be? Return it within 30 days in the condition you received it and we'll refund you the full product price, no questions asked. We offer it because we know you won't need it! 

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