Cheating on My Thermomix

Cheating on My Thermomix

Slow cooker recipes prepped in the Thermomix.

Did you know, I wrote a digital cookbook combining my two greatest kitchen loves - my Thermomix and my slow cooker? Yes, my Thermomix is AMAZING, but boy I would not be without my $50 slow cooker (for those of you that asked, I don’t have a preferred brand but definitely get a 6L one!). I consider slow cooking FAST cooking… in a roundabout kind of way! Dinner ready when you walk in the door… now that’s ‘quick fix.’ The only time-consuming thing about slow cooking is the preparation, and my Thermomix takes care of that in seconds, so it really is a match made in heaven (you’ll agree when you check out the ebook!).

I don't give the book much air time, but going into the cooler months I really think it deserves it's time in the spotlight! I also wrote this book as I find a lot of the slow cooking recipes available are..... lacklustre? But slow cooking needn't be!! There are so many vibrant, fresh and delicious things you can use it for.... you just need the right recipes! 'Modern Slow Cooker' is just that, and it's only $4.99... I promise it's money well spent. Have dinner ready the second you walk in the door, and breakfast ready the second you wake up!

Check out it's deliciousness here.

When you purchase you can download immediately! ‘Cause we like everything around here to be quick fix.