Thermomix Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

Thermomix Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

Once Autumn draws to a close there is often a proliferation of green tomatoes – tomatoes that will be left unripe due to the cooler weather. While they may not be as versatile as their ripened red comrades, they make a truly delicious green tomato chutney that can be enjoyed over the winter. With the help of your Thermomix it is super easy.    

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Makes 800ml

+ gluten free
+ dairy free
+ vegan
+ vegetarian    
+ soy free
+ egg free
+ nut free


1 brown onion, peeled and halved
1 green apple, quartered and cored
2 long chilies, halved
1kg green tomatoes, roughly chopped
200g apple cider vinegar
70g brown sugar
50g sultanas
2 tsp salt 


  1. Place onion, apple and chili in TM bowl, chop for 5 seconds, speed 5.
  2. Add tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, sultanas and salt. Cook for 50 minutes, Varoma temperature, reverse speed 1.5, MC removed and steamer basket on top to prevent splashes.
  3. Fill warmed glass jars with hot chutney and seal.

Note: Cooking time at step 2 may vary depending on the tomatoes used – continue cooking until desired texture is achieved.