Natural Fruit Swirl Icy Poles Recipe

Natural Fruit Swirl Icy Poles Recipe

These fresh and fruity icy treats are the perfect snack on warm days! Made from 100% pureed fruit, no added sugar, no added nothing - just the same a tucking into a wedge of watermelon (but way more fun!). This is one of the MANY reasons we love our silicone ice cream moulds - you can quickly whip up professional-looking treats that you can feel good about. For your family’s health, for the environment, for your wallet! So we’re excited to announce we’ve added TWO new styles to our silicone ice cream moulds range - swirls and crystals! Same great naturally non-stick silicone, two brand new fun shapes. Use these moulds over and over again for a lifetime, they’ll continue to perform like a gem (just read the reviews here!).

Now, to the recipe!

Makes 16 Icy Poles

+ gluten free
+ soy free
+ refined sugar free
+ nut free
+ vegan
+ egg free
+ vegetarian


1 large mango, flesh only, cubed
180g pineapple, flesh only, cubed
220g watermelon, flesh only, cubed

4 x sets silicone ice cream moulds


  1. Place mango in TC bowl, blend for 10 seconds, speed 6*. Set aside in small bowl.  
  2. Without cleaning TC bowl, blend pineapple for 10 seconds, speed 6*. Set aside in small bowl.  
  3. Without cleaning TC bowl, blend watermelon for 10 seconds, speed 6*. Set aside in pouring jug or glass.  
  4. Prepare moulds by inserting sticks and placing on flat tray or plate that can go in the freezer.  
  5. Using a spoon, place mango into bottom of ice cream mould, then pineapple into top third, then quickly pour watermelon in between. Repeat with remaining moulds.  
  6. Place in freezer and freeze until solid (minimum 6 hours).

Once frozen, pop out and store in an air tight container. Grab whenever you or the kids are looking for a cool afternoon snack! This recipe can be made in any of our silicone ice cream moulds (or a combo!), and remember all our moulds are discounted when you buy multiples (select from the dropdown option when adding product to cart). Happy healthy cooking! x

*If you don’t have a Thermomix or other brand of thermo cooker, puree the fruit individually in a small food processor.