The Original, Bestselling, Silicone Ice Cream Moulds Are Back in Stock

The Original, Bestselling, Silicone Ice Cream Moulds Are Back in Stock

Like many businesses, COVID has made it so difficult to manufacture and ship our products this year, so sadly our online store has been looking pretty empty. We are absolutely working our hardest to get your favourites back - thank you so much for bearing with us! While we're certainly not there yet, the good news is... our SILICONE ICE CREAM MOULDS ARE IN THE HOUSE! Just a week after we got our SILICONE BAR MOULDS BACK... happy days! 

A quick refresher on why these are one of our most popular products of all time (and a bit of an Instagram sensation in their own right!)...

❣️ 100% food-grade silicone - naturally non-stick for life, no coatings, no plastic, no BPAS.
❣️ SO easy to use - flexible silicone means ice creams just peel out (unlike metal moulds).
❣️ freeze, fridge, bake - our moulds are happy going straight from the deep freeze to the oven... cake pops anyone! 
❣️ sustainable, environmentally friendly, no waste.
❣️ make your own HEALTHY sweet treats... you'll know exactly what's in them, with all the crap left out.

P.S. Every set of moulds comes with a FREE set of 50 wooden sticks!! AND, we've got discounts for buying 2 or 3 sets of moulds.

If you've already got our moulds, or you've just ordered, then I've got the inspiration master list for you!! One spot with all our ice cream recipes, from the fresh and fruity to the downright decadent.

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