Pomegranate Raspberry Thermomix Snow Cones Recipe

Pomegranate Raspberry Thermomix Snow Cones Recipe

Summer is heating up, and what better time to one of the Thermomix’s simple but impressive features – powdering ice! Remember those snow cones you had as a child? Now the whole family can enjoy these refreshing treats without the nasty artificial colours and flavours, and you can make them so easily at home. Ideal as an afternoon treat, they would be the perfect refresher on Christmas day with their bright red colour. Add a shot of gin for a delicious summer cocktail perfect for those balmy evenings.

Makes 8

+ dairy free
+ gluten free
+ vegetarian
+ vegan
+ soy free
+ egg free
+ nut free


120g raw sugar
300g frozen raspberries
300g pomegranate juice*
2 limes, juice only
1kg ice cubes


  1. Place sugar and raspberries in TM bowl, pulverize for 10 seconds, speed 9.
  2. Add pomegranate juice, cook for 25 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 3, MC removed and steamer basket on top to prevent splashes.
  3. Add lime juice, mix for 10 seconds, speed 3. Strain through a fine sieve to remove raspberry seeds. Refrigerate until cool.
  4. When ready to serve, place ice in TM bowl, mill for 10 seconds, speed 7, or until ice powder is formed. Divide ice between cups or paper cones and drizzle with pomegranate raspberry syrup. Serve immediately.

Variation: For an alcoholic version perfect for a warm evening, fill martini glasses with ice and top with a shot of gin as well as the pomegranate raspberry syrup, serve with a spoon.

*Pomegranate juice is available in the fresh food section of many supermarkets, but can be replaced with cranberry juice.