Appliance Mat

Appliance Mat


why we ♥ it: 
Our appliance mat will give your thermomix or thermo cooker legs while giving you some much-need bench space - all without damaging the scales. We slide our machine to the back of the bench while prepping, then pull them forward when ready to fill with ingredients. Then once cooking, slide out of the way again! 

bragging rights:
• Protect thermomix scales – the scales, located in the feet of the machine, can easily be damaged from dragging. By sitting the machine on the appliance mat, the mat is sliding rather than the machine 
• Appliances become portable - even if you keep your Thermomix at the front of the bench, you’ll love having the flexibility to slide it to the back for extra work space when it’s in use
• Protect cabinets from steam - if, like us, you often keep your machine tucked away in a corner but constantly have to move it to use it or to stop the steam from damaging your cabinets, this product will make the whole process so much easier
• High quality product - made from German manufactured polystone poly propylene, which, in English, means that it is of a very high quality and extremely durable – in fact, it’s practically unbreakable, even if it managed to drop off your bench
• Versatile – can also be used for other appliances, not just a thermomix
• Safe and heat resistant - can stand very high heats and is flame retardant, so place it underneath a piping-hot casserole dish and put it straight on the table, saving you extra washing up time and offering easy second helpings
• Lightweight – perfect for anyone who takes their thermomix on the road, such as consultants 

• 29cm x 29cm
• Available in black and white
• Made from German manufactured polystone poly propylene 
• Weighs less than 250g 

care information:
• Easy to clean - if you do have any spills, they’re easily cleaned off with a damp, warm cloth — no harmful chemicals are necessary 

Don’t forget to always use your appliance in accordance with the safety manual. Never leave your thermo cooker unattended when kneading or chopping.

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