Breadwinner Bread Bag

Breadwinner Bread Bag


why we ♥ it: 
The most effective way to store your bread, keeping it fresher for longer! Great for both store-bought and homemade loaves, rolls, baguettes etc. Pop your bread in, pull the drawstring closed and keep at room temperature. Simple.

bragging rights: 
• Keeps your loaves fresher for longer - our bread bag protects your loaves from the elements while allowing the moisture to exit through the open weave 
• 100% organic cotton – because we are committed to our health and that of farmers 
• Drawstring convenience - makes our bread bag perfectly portable and hangable to keep it out of the way and free up some bench space 
• Cute slogan – we love putting a smile on your face

how it works: 
• While refrigerating your bread seems like an obvious choice for extending its shelf life, the cold temperatures actually chrystalise the starches in your loaf, making the bread dry out and lose it’s fluffy texture more quickly 
• Room temperature is the ideal environment for your loaves, and will help to maintain their wonderful crumb and crust. And while plastic bags will protect your bread from excessive air exposure that can dry out your loaves, they can also trap in moisture that leads to mould (and who wants leeching plastic around their food items, anyway) 
• Our bread bags are the perfect solution, because they protect your loaves from the elements while allowing the moisture to exit through the open weave 
• You can use our bread bags for both homemade and store-bought bread, but remember that homemade bread naturally has a shorter shelf life, because it’s free of artificial additives and preservatives

• 100% organic cotton 
• 30x40cm - perfectly fits your large loaves, bread rolls, bagels, or even help you pack a lunch bag for work

check it out: 
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care information: 
Cold hand wash

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