Kuzu Organic

Kuzu Organic


Kuzu is my absolute favourite thickener, and absolutely essential in both my Coconut Yoghurt and Super-thick Yoghurt recipes. One of my most common customer questions is “where can I find it?”, so to make your life easier we’re now stocking it right here!

This organic kuzu is a natural and prized thickening agent, made from the wild root of the kuzu plant and produced using traditional methods. It gives a unique, smooth, thick texture to sauces, soups, noodle broths, custards and stews. It’s also great for gut health!

I use it in my Coconut Yoghurt from Everyday Thermo Cooking, my Super-thick Yoghurt from Fresh Favourites and Loryn’s Lemon Tart also from Fresh Favourites.

100g - Made in Japan - 100% organic kuzu powder

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