Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone Baking Mats

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****For a limited time only, buy a large baking mat and get one of our famous grey thermie silicone spoon spatulas for only $5! RRP $18.95. Simply select this deal from the product variant drop-down above.****

why we ♥ them: 
These mats make life in the kitchen even easier, turning any pan, tray or bench top into a non-stick surface. No need to ever use baking paper or foil again, and no greasing or special maintenance necessary! Our versatile, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective non-stick mats are the perfect platform when baking or working with dough, chocolate or sugar, and can be put straight in the oven or freezer.

bragging rights: 
• 100% food-grade silicone – BPA free, plastic-free, fibreglass free, no nasties leaching into your food 
• Naturally non-stick for life – no non-stick coating needed that could potentially transfer to your food 
• So many uses - some of our favourites are baking meringues, polenta chips, cinnamon scrolls and smashed potatoes, rolling out pastry and cookie dough, rolling up scrolls and meats, setting toffee and tempered chocolate 
• Not just a mat – use to wrap up food, bread or drape over bowls as a healthy and environmentally friendly replacement for cling film 
• -40C to 220C – from the deep freeze to oven is no problem for this durable mat 
• No greasing necessary – making life easy 
• Environmentally friendly – no need for disposable baking paper, cling film or foil 
• Safe - we do not reinforce our mats with fibreglass (like many other baking mats) to avoid any possibility of fibreglass migrating to food if the mat were damaged. You can scrunch, fold and bend our mats every which way with no need for concern 

• 100% food-grade silicone (fibreglass free)
• Dishwasher safe 
• STANDARD SIZE: 37.5 x 29.5 cm - fits in a standard 60cm oven 
• EXTRA LARGE SIZE: 55 x 35 cm - perfect work surface and fits large 90cm oven 
• 2 PACK BOTH SIZES: Includes one of each our standard size mat and our extra-large size mat at a discounted price (save $10!)

check it out: 
 Click here to watch our baking mats in action in the oven
• Click here to watch our baking mats in action when working with chocolate

care information: 
Dishwasher safe

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