Thermomix Champagne Breakfast Class Booklet

Thermomix Champagne Breakfast Class Booklet


Who says you need an excuse to entertain? Champagne breakfasts are perfect opportunities to get together with friends and share some foodie favours, and we’ll teach you how easy and delectable it can be with the help of our Thermomix Champagne Breakfast recipes. We’ve got a slew of recipes that are perfect for entertaining, from cocktail parties to picnics, birthdays or even Grand Final or Spring Carnival festivities, or simply just Sunday mornings with some of your nearest and dearest. Take the stress out of celebrating with quick-fix food that tastes sensational and looks a treat.

Included recipes:
• Raspberry champagne & lemon sorbet cocktail
• Bacon & egg pies
• Mini bap bread rolls
• Cream cheese pastry
• Savory tarts
• Chicken sandwich filling
• Tomato sauce
• Roasted vegetable filling
• Creamed onions, and
• Caramel popcorn

As a result of this class, you will develop advanced Thermomix skills, and learn how to:
• Knead in the Thermomix
• Steam in the Varoma
• Make pastry in the Thermomix
• Shape bread
• Emulsify sorbets
• Caramelise in the Thermomix
• Shred meat in the Thermomix
• Cook recipes perfect for entertaining/ finger food
• Make homemade lunchbox snacks

PLEASE NOTE: Three of these recipes are featured in our cookbook ‘Recipes from our Cooking School’.

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