Thermomix Desserts Class Booklet

Thermomix Desserts Class Booklet


Get your sweet treat on at AAHQ with our famous Thermomix desserts class booklet. You’ll never need to leave the house again when you feel a sugar-craving coming on — we’ll show you the secrets to sweet-treat success and how easy and simple it can be with the help of your Thermomix. All the classics will be covered, and all the basics will be mastered; you’ll be able to temper chocolate, whip egg whites and make perfect pastries by the time we’re through with you! Each recipe makes an impressive and flawless dessert on its own, but the methods that go into each dish will come in handy in all your dessert-making endeavours.

Booklet includes:
• Yoghurt panna cotta
• Sweet short crust pastry
• Custard tart
• Salted caramels
• Our famous Mars Bar cheesecake
• Chocolate coated figs
• Vanilla bean panna cotta
• Pot plant ice cream (served straight from the freezer!)
• Chocolate soil
• Mini pavlovas, and
• Raspberry and rosewater coulis

In this class you will develop advanced Thermomix skills and learn how to:
• Whip egg whites in the Thermomix
• Make pastry in the Thermomix
• Temper chocolate in the Thermomix
• Caramelise in the Thermomix
• Shape pastry perfectly in a tin
• Prepare in advance for easy entertaining
• Work with gelatin
• Make Thermomix cheesecake batters
• Make ice cream served straight from freezer

PLEASE NOTE: Three of these recipes are featured in our cookbook ‘Recipes from our Cooking School’.

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