TM Blade Brush

TM Blade Brush


why we ♥ it: 
This little device makes our life a whole lot easier! Introducing our blade cleaning brush, specifically designed to remove every last bit of food caught under your TM blades. No lingering food particles means no transfer of flavours (garlic custard anyone?) and keeps your bowl clean and hygienic. 

bragging rights:
• Safe and hygienic - imagine having a tiny piece of meat stuck under your blades and cooking meal after meal with it still there?! Whip the blades out of the bowl and with a couple of quick swipes with our cleaning brush they will be clean as a whistle
• Specifically designed handle length and bristle size for ease of use and total compatibility to both TM5 and TM31
• Also perfect for cleaning the TM31 lid locking inserts

•  19cm in length

care information:
• This brush is dishwasher safe, so simply put it in the cutlery basket to give it a clean

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