8 Things Every Thermomix-Er Should Know

8 Things Every Thermomix-Er Should Know

1. The MC Holds Exactly 100ml of Liquid.

Which, in the case of water and other liquids of the same viscosity, is also 100g. True story.   

2. To Chop Effectively, Your Bowl Must Be Dry.

We’ve all been there – quickly rinsed your TC bowl and then chucked in your ingredients to chop… no dice. Especially when milling dry ingredients like nuts, seeds, grains etc. Your bowl must be DRY!

3. You Only Ever Need to Buy White Sugar.

Ditch the containers for castor and icing sugar – save yourself the pantry space and the money! Keep stock of plain white sugar, and simply mill on demand for the other options. If your recipe calls for 100g of castor sugar, weigh 100g white sugar into the TC bowl first and mill for 5 seconds. Then continue with the recipe as written! Same with icing sugar, although this time it will require 1 minute. Done! Just make sure your bowl is COMPETELY dry before milling.

4. You Can Put Your Bowl in The Fridge.

It saves on dishes big time! Say you’ve made a soup late Thursday night for Friday night’s dinner – just take the whole thermie bowl, lid and all and whack it in the fridge. Then when Friday night comes, take it straight from the fridge and place it back on the machine and reheat for 10 minutes, 100°C, reverse speed 1. The only caveat here is that then your thermo bowl is out of action! Unless you’ve got two of course…

5. Scoop, Don’t Sprinkle.

If you sprinkle fine powders into the thermo, like cornflour or icing sugar, the scales can have difficulty registering the weight, meaning you could accidently add too much! Dump in a dessertspoon at a time and wait for the weight to register.

6. Your Thermo’s Feet Must Always Be Flat.

No cords tangled around the feet, no uneven surfaces, no crumbs under the feet! These will throw off the weighing mechanism, and can even lead to an error message (oh no!). Wipe under your thermie often and ensure the power cord isn’t underneath the machine. Better yet, put your thermie on one of our specially designed Thermo Deluxe Slides – this will keep it all clean and tidy, and will enable you to effortlessly slide it all over the bench. 

7. You Should Never, Ever, Use Metal Utensils in The Thermo Bowl.

The last thing you want is to scratch your perfectly shiny beautiful thermo bowl! Yes, the stainless steel can handle a lot, but why risk it? No metal spoons, metal tongs, etc. Silicone is the safest option, which is why we created our specially-designed Thermo Silicone Spatula – the flat bottom makes it perfect for scraping around the blades while the curved edges are perfect for stirring and getting every last morsel from the sides of the bowl. And of course being made of silicone it’s never going to scratch your precious bowl. At AAHQ it’s the ONLY thing allowed in our thermo bowls!

8. Use Turbo Speed to Clean Your Blades.

Got dough or cake batter stuck on your blades? Firstly, it will make cleaning a pain, but more importantly, what a waste! Lock your lid in position (and make sure the MC is in!) and turbo for 1 second. This will flick everything off the blades and onto the sides of the bowl, where it can easily be scraped out with your silicone spatula.

These are just the start of my tips ans tricks! For all my thermie advice, check out my cookbooks here.