Growing Zucchini - The Beginners Guide

Growing Zucchini - The Beginners Guide

On this week's episode of my podcast 'Rooting for You' I step you through the beginners guide to growing zucchini. It's a really easy beginner crop that will give you SO much produce over the warmer months, and of course I've got so many delicious recipes using them! My go-to is my zucchini fritters (free recipe here), but I’m also obsessed with my slow cooker zucchini pasta from my cookbook Modern Slow Cooker - the recipe sounds so weird, but it turns out AMAZINGLY! And it’s next to no effort.

Now's the time to get planting your zucchini seeds or seedlings, so click to listen...

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S7E3 Tess and Alyce chat about growing zucchinis. Zucchinis are one of Alyce's favourite crops for beginner gardeners (well all gardeners really!). They are easy growers and can be absolutely prolific. The ladies chat about growing from seed or seedling, Alyce's favourite varieties (including Tromboncino), all the tips for caring for your zucchini plants and a bunch of ideas for cooking and eating your zucchini.