Step-By-Step Guide to Direct Sowing and Container Growing

S2E9 of the 'Rooting for You' Podcast! Tess and Alyce pick up the second half of this conversation talking about the nitty gritting of how to plant a seed, including a step-by-step to both methods, starting a seed in a container and greenhouse (container growing) or sowing directly into the ground (direct sow). Listen out for explanations on germination and hardening-off - everything you need to set you up for success!

Rooting for you - a seasonal gardening podcast for non-experts. We answer all the questions the pros forget you don’t know! No fancy gardening terms here, just real chats to inspire and educate ANYONE to start growing… from a balcony enthusiast right through to a hobby farmer. Hosted by Tess (who knows nothing) and Alyce (who knows some things), each episode Tess and Alyce will pick a topic to discuss and finish up looking at the effort-reward ratio of the topic by asking, is the juice worth the squeeze?

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