My Top Thermomix Bread Recipes!

My Top Thermomix Bread Recipes!

By now, you probably know my absolute favourite thing to cook is BREAD... nothing beats a homemade loaf still warm out of the oven. It has an excellent effort-to-impressiveness ratio! And I know I've always got all the ingredients without checking the pantry 🤣. So if you haven't given it a go, this is my big shake of encouragement! And if you're already baking bread, how about trying a NEW recipe and technique? As is our motto around here - you've got this! With my easy recipes, of course...

Where to Start (Newbies)

My Lazy Breakfast Loaf - FREE on the website, click here (but also page 16 Everyday Thermo Cooking)! You can also watch me bake it here. You don’t even need to touch the dough (excuse the pun!).

My Super Simple Seedy Loaf - page 66, Alyce's Heavy Rotation (pictured above). Same super easy technique as my Lazy Breakfast Loaf, but this time we’ve added a big dose of seeds for extra nutrients, flavour and fibre!

Stepping up A Notch (Intermediate)

My Basic Bread Rolls - pictured top, with me holding them! Page 211, Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites. Any dinner is made x 100 better with one of these served alongside.

My famous Cheat's Sourdough - you'll really think it's sourdough, no starter required! Super easy recipe, super impressive results! You’ll be pretty chuffed with yourself - promise. Page 55, Quick Fix Every OccasionAnd you can watch me make it here!

Going All Out (Advanced, but Still Totally Doable)

The most amazing French Baguettes, page 38 Recipes from our Cooking School (pictured above). These are super impressive, with a seriously crunchy crust and bubbly sourdough-like chewy crumb.

My impressive (but so easy!) charcoal bread - recipe FREE on my website, click here to access (pictured below).

My mum's dense and delicious 100% Rye Fruit Bread, page 209, Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites (pictured below). Loaded with fruit and heavy on the spices, like fruit bread used to be! You couldn’t buy a loaf like it - it’s pretty special. And no wheat - amazing!

My most basic advice for newbie bakers is to use a bread tin - then you don't have to stress about shaping, the tin does it for you!! Combine that with the thermo kneading function, and you literally never even need to touch the dough! I am so happy to say... OUR JUMBO BREAD TINS ARE BACK IN STOCK!!! You might also be interested in my blog post 'tips to better bread' - click below to give that a read! 

Read my tips on baking better bread.

Gluten Off the Menu for You? 

Doesn't mean homemade bread fresh from the oven needs to be! Check out our digital cookbook 'Wholesome Gluten Free Bread' made in the thermie, for the best (and healthiest!) gluten free loaves you've ever tasted (let alone made yourself!).