Take a Deep Breath, You've Got This

Take a Deep Breath, You've Got This

This might just be my most personal product launch yet! When I started this business eight years ago, I thought I was in the business of food... maybe even the business of publishing. I thought it was my love of cooking that lead to me to write cookbooks, but I was wrong. What this business is about, what I am deeply about, is empowering people. Empowering you! I don't want to start a cafe and cook for you - I want to provide resources making it easy for you to cook yourself! I don't want to sell you bottled kombucha that I've brewed, I want to teach you how to brew your own at home, from scratch. I want you to know that you've got this, that you're in control of your life and that you can provide for yourself. That you're in control of your health, your wallet, your impact on the world around you. I am here to educate and serve you on your mission, to give you the tools to live your best life. And that doesn't stop at cookbooks!  

Trust me though, I'm in the trenches with you - even I need daily reminders that I've got this! And I'm not talking metaphorically here, I literally have reminders everywhere that "you got this" - my phone wallpaper tells me (you can download my wallpaper here!), I have quote stickers on my bathroom mirror, my wardrobe, my kitchen cupboard (these were a free gift with all orders from my website a couple of years ago, so many of you will have matching ones!), I have a framed quote above my desk (I'm looking at it right now!). And you know what? These constant reminders really work, they lift my mood and boost my confidence. I read them, I take a deep breath, and truly, I know I've got this. 

But my bathroom mirror isn't there right before I step into an important meeting, when I feel out of my depth, when I feel awkward in social situations, or when I'm halfway through a yoga class that is definitely way too advanced for me! I wanted something that was... something that is with me always, a silent support. So, my sisters and I made one ourselves! Introducing...  

Since we got the first two made months ago, Ellen and I haven't taken this cuff off! I've slept with it, I've showered with it, I've gardened with it, I've cooked with it, and it still looks sparkly brand new. And no matter where I am, what I'm doing, I can take a look at my wrist and know "I've got this". I absolutely love it! And now, we can be matching, as I've got a very limited number available for purchase on my website!

Available in sterling silver for only $44.95 and plated 18k gold for only $49.95! And $5 from every single cuff purchased will be donated to The Smith Family, supporting Australian children in need, as we want vulnerable children to be able to say "I've got this" too. 

Get your limited edition cuff now.

This cuff is UNISEX - we want everyone wearing one, not just the ladies! And the cuff design means one size fits all -  stretch the opening to make it bigger or squeeze together to make it smaller. Simple as that, no stressing about size (if only clothes shopping was that easy!). Each cuff comes in it's own velvet pouch perfect for storing jewelry when traveling, keeping little bits and pieces together in the handbag or using as a gift bag. 

This is the ONLY place you'll find these beautiful cuffs! I hope they bring you as much joy and confidence as they bring me ️xo

P.S. We CANNOT WAIT to see happy customers wearing their cuffs! Please tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #yougotthis 🤩