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why we ♥ it:
Meet our matchy-matchy Deluxe Tray, designed to perfectly accompany your Deluxe Slide... for everything is tidier on a tray! Our Deluxe Slides are one of our most popular products, designed to safely and tidily house your Thermomix machine and other appliances, while effortlessly allowing them to move around the bench (for more info on our Deluxe Slides click here!). Now, with the Deluxe Tray, you’ll have the most coveted kitchen set up with your favourite appliance set up and ready to cook, and all your most-used ingredients and utensils neatly organised alongside - olive oil, salt, spatula - tick. A well set up kitchen makes cooking a breeze, and the easier it is, the more often you’ll do it! Saving money, eating healthier, more sustainably… the list goes on.

bragging rights:
• Soft curves match the curves of our Deluxe Slide, and that also of the Thermomix machine
• A thick and sturdy piece of wood for longevity, also making it a statement piece
• Sealed with a food-safe finish – to ensure your tray has a very long happy life and perfect for use in the kitchen
• Sustainable - FSC certified European Beech means this tray is not only super stylish, but also sustainable – of prime importance to us
• Sure we designed it to match our Deluxe Slide, but honestly it’s beauty and functionality mean it is way more than just a slide kick! Use to organise keys and pocket change on the hall stand, assemble candles, serve cheese and other snacks, house jewellery at night… you name it. Alyce has one in literally every room of the house!

• 350 x 165 x 10mm
• FSC certified European Beech - please note our trays are made from natural materials, meaning each tray differs slightly in appearance (especially in regard to wood grain and tone). Your particular tray may look different to the product images, however will be made from exactly the same materials
• Includes gift sleeve (please recycle!)

care information:
• To clean, wipe down with a gentle cleaner and soft sponge only. No dishwashers! And never submerge in water.
• Once a year give the tray a polish with some cooking oil (olive oil is fine!) just as you would a chopping board to keep the glossy sheen.

Please note that if you have one of our older slides (pre December 2021), the wood used has changed slightly, and as such your Deluxe Slide and Deluxe Tray may not match perfectly (although it is VERY close!). We’re so sorry about this!

❣️ No-questions-asked returns and refunds available on ALL physical products from! Product not what you thought it would be? Return it within 30 days in the condition you received it and we'll refund you the full product price, no questions asked. We offer it because we know you won't need it! 

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