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why we ♥ it:

It is so easy to brew your own super nutritious and delicious probiotic-filled kombucha at home - when you've got my method, tips and tricks! I will show you step-by-step exactly how it's all done in less than 15 minutes per week, and for less than AUD$1 per litre. So often I see people overcomplicating the process and being overloaded with (sometimes incorrect) information, which is why I've drilled it down the essentials presented in an organised and fuss-free way. You'll learn exactly what you need, how to get started, how to do a continuous ferment, how to do a second ferment, how to flavour your kombucha and how to make it super fizzy naturally, as well as having all your questions answered and the whole process demystified!

This online course follows the exact same protocol as my in-person class which I’ve taught to hundreds of people over the last five years with huge success. Now I can get more people successfully brewing at home as you can complete this course anywhere in the world, and at your own pace! This is not a live class - you can start it whenever you like, day or night, and you can pause and come back as many times as you need. You can literally take me into the kitchen with you!

bragging rights:
• over 3 hours of footage broken down into 29 easily digestable videos
• includes the complete Kombucha for Beginners Digital Book (R.R.P. $24.95) for you to download or print
• quizzes at the end of every section to ensure you’ve got all the fundamentals down
• FAQ videos so any trouble-shooting is easy
• access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can have all your kombucha questions answered by alyce and the team as well as graduates of the program
• once you’ve paid for the course, you will have FULL access for life - this is not a subscription model, when we add new content in the future, you’ll have full access
• watch the videos as many times as you like, come back for a refresher if you ever need - no problem, the content is always there waiting for you

highlight videos:
• everything you need to get started
• how to know when it’s ready
• how to save time and brew CONTINUOUSLY!
• how to get your kombucha fizzy
• how to flavour your kombucha
• how much to drink?
• the mould low-down (how to avoid it and how to know when there’s a problem!)
• how to make it sugar-free

• one payment gives you full access for life to all videos and modules in the online course as well as all downloadable resources
• literally everything you will ever need to know about kombucha!

check it out:
click here to read why I love brewing kombucha
click here to watch a quick overview of the course
click here to find out why you should drink kombucha
click here to find out what exactly is kombucha
click here to listen to why I believe kombucha is the ONE ferment you should be doing

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