MaxiSteam Extender | for Thermomix Varoma TM6, TM5 & TM31

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Made in Germany by our partner Wundermix. Suitable for use with Thermomix TM31, TM5 & TM6 machines. We proudly operate as an autonomous creator and retailer of independent cookbooks and accessories, sourcing the best across the world for you.

why we ♥ it:

Your Varoma steaming attachment just got a whole lot taller, and a whole lot more versatile! Now you can cook entire family meals for up to eight people, a huge Christmas plum pudding, a large piece of corned beef, pork belly, whole fish, ribs, prove large batches of dough, 12+ large bao buns, Christmas veggies for the entire extended family, even potato salad for the entire football team! You can now fit in our 2L pudding steamer (without you can only fit the 1L size), 10 individual yoghurt jars to ferment your yoghurt or cook individual custards, 10 dariole moulds to cook our individual cheesecakes and other cute desserts (free recipes here!), plenty of jars to sterilise when making big batches of jam or chutneys, Authentic bamboo steaming baskets can be loaded up on your Varoma; you even fit entire casserole dishes for making a self-saucing chocolate pudding!

The functionality of your Varoma quadruples with this product - which we love for so many reasons, but not least because steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook our food (and one of the most foolproof!).

You can use our MaxiSteam accessory in three different positions with or without the upper steaming tray; giving you one extra-large steaming space, two large divided space or one very large space and a smaller space on top. So many options! How about an Asian entrée banquet with 12 large steamed pork buns and heaps of dumplings… all cooked in one single batch in a mere eight minutes?! Or rice in the TM steamer basket, veg in the middle level and a whole fish cooked in a delicious Asian marinade on the top (for this you’d also need our Steaming Mat for Varoma).

For optimal steaming results, it’s important to ensure plenty of free-flowing steam from the vents in the bottom of the Varoma - for this reason we highly recommend pairing your MaxiSteam Extender with one of our Stainless Steel Trivets for Varoma, perfect for ensuring optimal steam flow when doing huge batches of potatoes or other veggies, or when using larger accessories within the Varoma, such as a 2L pudding steamer.

bragging rights:

• Fully compatible with TM6, TM5 and TM31 models
• Side handles for easy inserting and removing, even with hot steam
• Adds an extra 6cm to the height of the Varoma attachment
• Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
• High-quality product manufactured exclusively in Germany


• Made in Germany from food-certified plastic
• Does NOT include Varoma lid, base or any thermo cooker steaming attachments

This product is manufactured by our partners Wundermix in Germany, and has been created by experienced engineers specially for Thermomix machines. Wundermix has been on the market for more than seven years and are one of the world's leading suppliers of independently created accessories for use with Thermomix machines, found in several hundred thousand households worldwide. In contrast to many other accessory products sold on marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay, and manufactured in China, we attach great importance to producing the highest quality accessories, which Wundermix ensures through production predominantly in Germany and close quality monitoring. You’re in safe hands with us.

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