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why we ♥ it:

Ellen’s pick for her oval sourdough loaves! With this oval all natural rattan basket anyone can turn their dough into a perfect loaf with no shaping or skills needed! Every loaf is sure to impress looking like its come straight out of artisan bakery, with minimal effort done on your behalf. The rattan is an all natural material that removes excess water from your dough and allows it to breathe during proving. This creates a more stable shape for a perfectly plump loaf that's packed with flavour. The oval shape helps to control the form of your dough as it expands and rises, while its ridges help create a beautiful crust that is also very aesthetically pleasing.

to use:

Heavily sprinkle rice flour on the bottom, then tilt towards you and circle around ensuring the flour is coating the sides, allow excess to fall to the bottom and leave there, this protects your dough from sticking to the basket. Place dough into basket with any fold facing up towards you so your smooth side is face down. Cover and leave on the bench for a quick second prove or place in the fridge for a slower, longer prove. When ready to remove your dough and bake, wet one hand, and with the other flip basket / dough out onto your wet hand, then move quickly to place the dough in your preheated hot Dutch oven.

Click through the product images to see videos of the proving basket in action! 


• 27 x 13 x 6.5cm
• made from 100% natural rattan
• perfect for a variety of breads including white, rye and sourdough
• perfect size for use in this Dutch oven (click here!)

Please note: The proving basket should not be used in the oven. It can be used in a proving oven at just over room temperature, but the dough must be removed from the basket before baking. Fine to place in the fridge.

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