Thermo Tea Filter | Attachment for Thermomix TM6, TM5 or TM31

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TM6 & TM5
  • TM6 & TM5
  • TM31

Fully compatible with TM6 and TM5 models, OR compatible with TM31 model. Two different products - please select your model when adding to cart. We proudly operate as an autonomous creator and retailer of independent cookbooks and accessories.

why we ♥ it:

A tea strainer, but also so much more than a tea strainer! Even if you don’t drink tea, you might find a few interesting uses for this brand new accessory…

Turn your Thermomix machine into a 2.2L temperature-controlled tea pot, with in-built warming function and milk frothing capabilities… sounds pretty good, right? Whether it’s a classic loose leaf, bags, a fruity blend with whole spices, a sticky chai or mint leaves from the garden, load it into the Tea Filter chamber and insert into the TM bowl. Rather than simply brewing everything with boiling water, now you can prepare special blends at the optimal temperature - green tea at 80 degrees, white at 75 degrees and oolong at 90 degrees, just to name a few. And if you like your tea piping hot, no problems - while your tea is brewing your Thermomix is keeping the water at the right temperature, rather than allowing it to cool down, as it would in a classic tea pot. If you come back for a second an hour later, no problems, just heat it up for a couple of minutes. And if you add milk and would like a frothy drink (chai anyone?), you can simply add to the Thermomix bowl, heat (if desired) and froth for 30 seconds. Easy as that!

There’s so much more to love! Use your Tea Filter to make beautiful homemade stocks - fill Tea Strainer with your bouquet garni, or Asian herbs and spices for a pho. Fill TM bowl with water and simmer for an hour (or more!) allowing all those beautiful flavours to infuse. Once you’re done there’s no need to strain or fish out all the bits and pieces - simply remove the Tea Filter and you’re good to go. Another brilliant use? Mulled wines and ciders! Fill your Tea Stainer with citrus peel, fresh fruit and spices, insert in the TM bowl, and pour in a red, white or apple cider. By infusing in the Thermomix, we’ve got absolute temperature control, meaning there’s no risk of burning off any of the alcohol - a real possibility if trying to manage the temperature on the stove. While sometimes you can use the TM steamer basket for these jobs, that requires a larger volume of liquid to reach the infusing ingredients, and also has too wide of a gauge for many ingredients - your cloves may end up in your TM bowl!

You can also insert into your TM bowl before squeezing in citrus juice, catching the pips and the pulpy bits. And when not in use in your Thermomix, your Thermo Tea Filter can be used a cup of boiling water to make tea for one, a mini colander perfect for washing or rinsing small ingredients, fill with icing sugar or cocoa and use for dusting, clarifying butter by removing the milk solids and even filtering sediment and cork from your red wine!

One product, so many uses. That’s how we roll.

bragging rights:

• Fully compatible with TM6 and TM5 models, OR compatible with TM31 model (two different products)
• Easy tea preparation right in the Thermomix bowl, with precise temperature control
• Keeping drinks warm and reheating has never been easier - from a simple mint tea to a frothy chai and even a mulled wine
• Finely perforated strainer means no rogue tea leaves
• Perfectly designed to nestle right down into your Thermomix bowl, without touching or interfering with the Thermomix blades
• Lid doubles as a drip guard
• Use to infuse stocks, sauces, mulled wine… so much more than just tea
• Silicone ring around the tea filter acts as a cool-touch point of contact
• Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

usage guide:

  1. Fill TM bowl with minimum 1L liquid, maximum 2.2L for TM5 & TM6, maximum 1.8L for TM31.

  2. If using tea leaves, heat your liquid to the desired temperature. If using other infusing ingredients, such as herbs and spices, skip this step.

  3. Fill Thermo Tea Filter with desired infusing ingredients. Remove the MC and insert the Tea Filter into the Thermomix bowl. Heat for desired length of time, desired temperature, speed 1. For mulled wine, I would aim for 90 minutes, 75 degrees, speed 1. For black tea, I would aim for 4 minutes, 95 degrees, speed 1.

  4. Remove Thermo Tea Strainer and place on it’s inverted lid for no mess. Serve up your drinks and enjoy!

  5. If you’d like to froth your drink, once the Tea Strainer is removed, froth for 30 seconds by slowly increasing from speed 1 to speed 8. You may need to reinsert MC or use splash guard.


• For TM31, length is 12cm
• For TM5 & TM6, length is 13.5cm
• Minimum 1L liquid needed in TM bowl to be effective
• Designed in Germany

This product is manufactured by our partners Wundermix in Germany, and has been created by experienced engineers specially for Thermomix machines. Wundermix has been on the market for more than seven years and are one of the world's leading suppliers of independently created accessories for use with Thermomix machines, found in several hundred thousand households worldwide. In contrast to many other accessory products sold on marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay, and manufactured in China, we attach great importance to producing the highest quality accessories, which Wundermix ensures through production predominantly in Germany and close quality monitoring. You’re in safe hands with us.

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