3 x pot set yoghurt containers

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For use with Thermomix machines, thermo cookers and slow cookers!

why we ♥ them: Make your own individual pot-set yoghurts easily at home! I really believe this is the BEST yoghurt, so thick and creamy and delicious, without any additives or nasties. It’s a win all-round with no disposable tubs polluting the environment, and it’s so much cheaper! Each container holds 210ml, which we think is the perfect serving size, just like the tubs at the supermarket (others we’ve seen on the market are just way too small!). And the snap lids mean there’s NEVER any leakage making these perfectly portable (and perfectly stackable!!)- we’re in love.

Also important to us is that our products have multiple uses - giving you loads of VALUE and ensuring your kitchen is clutter-free. When you’re not making and storing your yoghurt, you can use these containers for storing baby food, leftovers, dips and more. Even crafts like beads and buttons! They’re microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. No single-use items around here. You can even steam them in the Varoma!

To make your pot-set yoghurt:

  1. Simply make up your yoghurt mixture. Our pick is our dairy-free coconut yoghurt in Everyday Thermo Cooking (steps 1 - 4), super-thick cow’s milk yoghurt in Fresh Favourites (steps 1 - 5), foolproof coconut yoghurt in Modern Slow Cooker or pot-set yoghurt from Modern Slow Cooker. And we don’t use milk powder in any recipe - just wholesome ingredients (like kuzu, which you can find out more about here!).

  2. To incubate, pour your mixture into these glass pots. You’ll need 6 pots for approx. 1L of yoghurt mixture.

  3. Pop lids onto glass pots and arrange in 4.7L stainless steel food warmer (or similar). Pour over approx. 1L of boiling water and place food warmer lid on. Allow to stand, undisturbed, for 24 hours. For the slow cooker instructions, see page 171 or 177 of Modern Slow Cooker. If you have a TM6, you can place your jars in the Varoma and use the fermentation mode.

  4. Once incubated, transfer glass pots ot fridge for minimum 24 hours. Enjoy! At this stage you can top with a fruit coulis to flavour (simply cook down fruit and a little sweetener until soft).

bragging rights:

• Individual serves make life easy – great for lunch boxes, entertaining, portion control and minimal clean up
• Homemade is best – by making yoghurt from scratch you know exactly what’s in it, and exactly what’s not
• You can even use them to steam in the Varoma, and the snap lids
• Six of these containers (2 sets) fit perfectly in our 4.7L food warmer, and perfectly hold 1L yoghurt mixture
• Microwave safe (should you want to use them for other things - they’re very versatile!)
• Freezer safe
• Stain-resistant
• Leakproof and airtight containers
• Stackable to maximize fridge room
• Super easy clean – dishwasher safe (top rack)


Each product includes three containers
• 210ml capacity each container (630ml total)
• 8 x 8 x 5.7cm
• Please note these containers are usually sold to store baby food, so the packaging says “baby food” rather than “yoghurt”, but they’re the right ones!

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