Almond And Garlic Spread in the Thermomix

Almond And Garlic Spread in the Thermomix

This buttery dip is rich and luxurious, but still fresh – thanks to the garlic and the peppery flavour of a good quality extra virgin olive oil. Use it wherever you would usually use cream cheese or mayonnaise, or as a standard dip. The fact it contains no dairy, eggs or vegetable oil makes it even the more versatile. You’ll have to trust me with this recipe – granted it seems a little strange, but I promise the results are foolproof!

Makes 2 Cups

+ dairy free
+ gluten free
+ vegetarian
+ vegan
+ quick fix


Blanched almonds
Garlic cloves, peeled
Ice cubes
Extra virgin olive oil
Sherry vinegar
Fine salt


This recipe can be found on page 43 of our brilliant thermo cookbook Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites. If you don't already have this one in your collection, you can check it out here...



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