2-Ingredient Dinner Cooked in your Thermomix Varoma

2-Ingredient Dinner Cooked in your Thermomix Varoma

Sometimes life gets hectic, and cooking from scratch isn't an option. For those nights, instead of expensive takeaway I've got a quick and effortless recipe that will have you covered! Keep a packet of gnocchi and a jar of pesto in the pantry, and when you or the kids need a quick meal, whack it in my Silicone Nesting Bowls, chuck it in the Varoma and then relax or attend to other tasks. With just 2 minutes of prep and 20 minutes of hands-free steaming, dinner will be ready in no time. How convenient is that?

Here's a quick video showing you just how easy it is...


Approx. 200g gnocchi per person - sometimes found in the fridge section and sometimes in the pasta aisle. Delis often sell fresh gnocchi which will have a better flavour, but convenience is king with this recipe. 

Approx.70g pesto per person - homemade will be far superior in flavour, but again whatever's easiest. Fresh from a deli will have better flavour than shelf-stable jars, but all work. 


  1. Fill TC bowl with 700g water. Place lower steaming tray on top. Insert Stainless Steel Trivet. Place Silicone Nesting Bowl on top of Trivet - the size you use will depend on how many you are feeding. Note you will only fit our XL Limoncello Nesting Bowl in your Varoma if you have our MaxiSteam Extender (but the Small, Medium and Large sizes will all fit in a standard Varoma no issues - in the video I am using two of the small size). 
  2. Fill nesting bowl with gnocchi and pesto. No need to stir. Leave the Nesting Bowl Lid off. 
  3. Place steaming tray lid on, steam for 20 minutes, steaming temperature, speed 3. You can see all this in the above video!

Give it a good stir to distribute the pesto then top with optional garnishes such as chilli oil, grated cheese or fresh herbs. Enjoy!