All-In-One Vodka Pasta in the Magimix Cook Expert's Cocotte

All-In-One Vodka Pasta in the Magimix Cook Expert's Cocotte

Free recipe: All-In-One Vodka Pasta cooked in the Magimix Cook Expert's new slow cooker attachment - the Cocotte! You know how much I love my thermo cookers AND my slow cookers... well there's now one thermo cooker that actually does it all. The bowl of the Cook Expert literally lifts off and is replaced with a 7L, lightweight, non-stick slow cooker! A slow cooker, but better... because it utilises the Cook Expert's ability to cook at the exact degree (literally!), giving you more control and better results. The slow cooker bowl can also be used directly on your stovetop (including induction), and in your oven, meaning it truly does become an all-star piece of kitchenware.

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Not sure if the Cook Expert is right for you? Here's my comparison between the Cook Expert and the Thermomix TM6 you might find helpful...

Ok enough about why I love the Cocotte... let's talk about one of the recipes I've been cooking in it! My All-in-One Vodka Pasta - the whole recipe is done in one the one pot meaning hardly anything to wash up, the flavour is bang on (serve this at your next dinner party) and the pasta is cooked to perfection while absorbing all those beautiful flavours (including the vodka!). In fact, I think pasta tastes way better cooked 'all-in-one' like I've done here (providing you adequately salt the sauce... use my measurements exactly). 

Serves 5
Hands-on time: 20 minutes 
Cooking time: 3 hours, 40 minutes

+ dairy free (option)
+ vegan (option)
+ vegetarian
+ egg free
+ nut free
+ soy free


2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 brown onion, thinly sliced
4 garlic cloves, diced
1 kg ripe tomatoes, diced, or tinned diced tomatoes
2 chicken-style stock cubes
2.5 teaspoons fine salt
2 cups (500 ml) water
500g penne pasta
½ cup (120 g) double cream or plant-based butter
½ cup (125 ml) vodka


  1. Place the Cocotte on it's pre-installed stand on the Cook Expert. Heat on searing function for 15 minutes, 140°C, lid removed. Add olive oil. 

  2. Once oil is hot, add onion and garlic. Sauté for the remaining time left on the searing program, stirring periodically. Use a silicone or wooden utensil to ensure you don't scratch your Cocotte (this spatula is my pick!).  

  3. Add tomatoes, stock cubes, salt and water. Cook on simmering function for 3 hours, 110°C, lid on. 

  4. Add pasta and stir to combine. Use the back of your spatula or spoon to submerge the pasta as much as possible. Cook on simmering function for 20 minutes, 120°C, lid on. 

  5. Add cream and vodka. Give everything a good stir to combine. Place the lid back on and allow to sit for 5 minutes - the pasta will finish cooking and the sauce will thicken up during this time (like magic!). 

Serve your pasta straight away to avoid overcooking it - you can carry the stylish Cocotte straight to the table! Delicious just as it is, but I love it garnished with fresh herbs and chilli flakes.