Bread Tins for your Thermomix Baking

Bread Tins for your Thermomix Baking

Hi! I cannot tell you how much I love baking my own bread - nothing makes me happier in the kitchen than a fresh loaf coming out of the oven to be enjoyed warm. Although unlike my sister Ellen (author of Simple Sourdough) I'm pretty lazy with it... actually, I'm very lazy with it! If there's a quicker or easier way to bake a loaf of bread, I'm all over it. Because I really believe the simpler and more approachable something is, the more often we're likely to do it. And I'm here to serve you in your daily life - not just the special occasions! Life is lived in the every day.

So, how do I keep my bread baking super easy? Two tricks... 

Firstly, I use dried yeast, but I often use a very small amount which forces a longer fermentation which means better flavour and easier to digest! I call this my 'cheats sourdough' method. I've absolutely perfected this technique, and lucky for you I've published it FREE on my website for all to bake! Keep scrolling for all my recipes... but I'd recommend starting with the Lazy Breakfast Loaf

Secondly, I use a bread tin so I don't have to shape my bread! In fact, with some of my recipes, because we've got a Thermomix or other brand of thermo cooker, you don't even have to TOUCH the dough... amazing right!? I only use professional aluminised steel tins which give you the best crust. Cheaper, lighter tins just don't give the same result. I've been stocking my favourite tins for ten years now (on and off due to supply) and I just can't promote them more highly - if you're a beginner to bread baking, you need one of our bread tins. And the good news is, after a long wait these are back in stock!

But which tin is right for you? I have both the 900g Jumbo Tin and the 680g Sandwich Tin with now available - for the majority of my recipes I recommend the larger Jumbo Tin (if we're going to the effort, let's eat bread!), but for those wanting the perfect square loaf for sandwich presses, jaffle makers, kids lunchboxes etc, then I'd recommend the Sandwich Tin and Lid. But more on both of these tins below, including free recipes for both!

These are seriously high-quality bread tins, Australian made, that you'll be baking in for a lifetime. The easy release non-stick coating truly makes baking your own bread a dream! These professional baking tins are incredibly difficult to find retail - we are thrilled to be able to bring them to you as they really do bake the best loaves.

Start Here: My Lazy Breakfast Loaf

This is the easiest bread recipe ever, and the perfect place for beginners to start! I still make this bread regularly, especially on weekends 😊. It's one of my most popular recipes ever, and it's FREE on my website! Click here to access.

Cook Along!

Want to see exactly what I'm talking about in my lazy breakfast loaf recipe, plus all my bread tips and tricks? This 4-minute video is loaded with beginner baking gold!

Free Recipe: Caramelised Onion Swirl Bread in the Thermomix

This recipe is taking homemade bread to the next level 😄. Served alongside a hot bowl of soup... pure bliss this winter. Click here for the free recipe.

Free Recipe: Jumbo Bread in the Thermomix

This is your classic fluffy white bread recipe - no long prove required. This is a favourite amongst people with kids! You simply need our Jumbo Bread Tin. Click here for the free recipe.  

Olive Bread in the Thermomix

This may just be my favourite bread tin recipe! Delicious warm olive bread, better than anything you could buy, made SO easy 🙌. Recipe page 205 of my cookbook 'Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites'. 

Seed Loaf in the Thermomix

A classic white, filled with tasty and nutritious seeds! Made easy using our Jumbo Bread Tin of course. A much-requested recipe by customers. Recipe in our bite-size cookbook 'Alyce's Heavy Rotation: Recipes for Thermomix Machines'

But what about a square loaf for sandwiches? 

Want a perfect square loaf for smaller loaves, including gluten free and fruit bread, and for making the perfect square loaf for lunchboxes, toasters, jaffle makers and fussy eaters? Good news - our Mackies Sandwich Tin with Slide on Cover are also back in stock! And here's the FREE RECIPE for that delicious square loaf pictured (click here).

One question I get all the time is why don't I use "bread improver" in ANY of my bread recipes? One of the key reasons I love making my own food is that I know exactly what's in it, but more importantly, what isn't in it. The last thing I want to be doing is adding those preservatives etc back in! I like to keep things simple, and frankly I don't think my loaves need it. But if you want to add it in, you absolutely can! Although I couldn't tell you quantities 😂

Another question you might be wondering - "Can I cook these recipes in my existing bread tin?"... and the answer is probably not easily. Aside from the fact that our super-solid bread tins will create the best result, the recipes and the guides to know exactly when the dough is ready to bake are specifically written for this size and shape tin. So it really is set-and-forget with our Jumbo Tin!

"The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in it's evocation of innocence and delight." ~Mary F.K. Fisher.