Mackies Jumbo Bread Tin

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This is a seriously high-quality bread tin, Australian made, that you'll be baking in for a lifetime. The easy release non-stick coating truly makes baking your own bread a dream! These professional baking tins are incredibly difficult to find retail - we are thrilled to be able to bring them to you as they really do bake the best loaves.

why we ♥ it:
There’s nothing like homemade bread, and thankfully it’s so easy to make with the help of our professional bread tins. You’ll have the perfect loaf with a crunchy crust and fluffy crumb, no shaping skills required. These are our absolute favourite tins – perfectly non-stick, made in Australia and will last you a lifetime. The 900g tin is our preferred size as it is the most versatile.

bragging rights:
• With our loaf tins, you will be able to make professional quality bread at home, knowing exactly what is going into it, and with no unnatural additives or preservatives
• This is one seriously authentic baking tin that will give your bread that delicious crust on the outside while cooking it to perfection on the inside
• They’re non-stick, so there’s no need to grease — your loaf will just slide out perfectly, then all you need to do is wipe clean and get onto the next loaf!
• Our pans are super solid and heavy, and if you treat them will, they will get you through a lifetime of bread making
• Made in Australia

• 900g jumbo loaf tin
• Dimensions: top inside 27x13cm / base outside 25x12cm / depth 12cm
• Made in Australia

please note:
These are professional baking tins, and as such, they may look a little rough around the edges. Please rest assured that this is totally normal, and will not affect the functioning of the product, or the quality of your baking. They may not look the best, but they perform the best, trust us! That's why we've been stocking them for 10+ years. If you do have any concerns about the integrity of your tin, please contact us at

check it out:
Click here to view our jumbo bread loaf recipe
Click here to read alyce’s 5 simple tips for baking better bread

care information:
Please follow the care instructions to keep your tins in tip-top shape - check them out here.
Never place an empty bread in a hot oven - pans should not be “burnt in”.
Never wash or wet your bread tins - wipe clean as required.

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